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Top 10 Baby Girl Names of 2013


    1. Sophia/Sofia
    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: "Wise, wisdom"
    Reason: Sophia has been in the Top 20 of the Social Security's baby name lists since 2003 — and for good reason. Sweet and smart, sassy and feminine, this traditional name gives a lot of flexibility for a baby to grow into it. Sophia keeps the top spot for now, but we have a feeling some of the other Top 5 names could dethrone it in years to come!
    Well-known Sophias:

    • Sophia Lauren, actress
    • Sophia Bush, actress (pictured)
    • Sofia Coppola, director and screenwriter
  • 2. Olivia
    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: "Olive tree"
    Reason: Olivia has quite a history. It has been in the Top 10 since 2001, and its roots trace back far with its "olive tree" meaning, association with the masculine name Oliver and William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night." But because of its long-standing popularity, this moniker isn't a standout for creativity. Luckily, people with this title are among good company with famous Olivias like TV characters Pope and Benson and actresses Wilde, Munn, Williams and Newton-John.
    Well-known Olivias:

  • 3. Emma
    Origin: German
    Meaning: "Universal"
    Reason: Dropping in the ranks one spot this year, Emma has bounced around the Top 5 since 2002. This can be linked to Ross and Rachel's baby on "Friends," who was named Emma that same year. In more recent years, Emmas like Watson, Roberts and Stone have also pushed the title into the spotlight. The name implies traits like intelligence, a bright spirit and a youthful, naive worldview from the character Emma of Jane Austen's "Emma."
    Well-known Emmas:

    • Emma Watson, actress (pictured)
    • Emma Stone, actress
    • Emma Lee Bunton, singer
  • 4. Ava
    Origin: Latin, German
    Meaning: Form of Eve; "life, like a bird"
    Reason: The simple and short Ava promotes old and new Hollywood vibes. It is a long beloved name, placing in the Top 5 since 2006. Ava's connections to fame started with the glamorous Ava Gardner, who acted for more than 40 years. Today, the moniker is popular among Hollywood parents like Ryan Phillippee/Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Jackman/Deborra-Lee Furness and Richie Sambora/Heather Locklear.
    Well-known Avas:

    • Ava Gardner, actress
    • Ava DuVernay, writer, producer and director
    • Ava Sambora, daughter of musician Richie Sambora and actress Healther Locklear (pictured)
  • 5. Isabella
    Origin: Italian and Spanish
    Meaning: Version of Elizabeth; "pledged to God, God's oath"
    Reason: Although it was most popular in 2009 and 2010 surrounding "Twilight" mania and Isabella "Bella" Swan, this name has been in the Top 10 since 2004. Isabella is a high-bred, classy title with connections to Shakespeare and many European royals. Other versions of the name include Isabelle and Isobel, with younger nickname options like Bella and Izzie. Here's looking at you, Izzie Stevens.
    Well-known Isabellas:

    • Isabella Rossellini, actress
    • Isabella Damon, daughter of actor Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso
    • Isabella "Bella" Swan, character in "Twilight" franchise (pictured)
  • 6. Charlotte
    Origin: French, English
    Meaning: Feminine form of Charles; "strong, free man"
    Reason: New to our list is Charlotte, which has been seen in a range of media over the years. Namesakes include writer Charlotte Bronte, the book Charlotte's Web, Charlotte York of "Sex and the City," pop punk band Good Charlotte and the clothing store Charlotte Russe—and that's just naming a few! Celebs are also bestowing it upon their children: Dylan McDermott/Shiva Rose, Colin Hanks/Samantha Bryant and Sarah Michelle Gellar/Freddie Prinze Jr. Come on, if it's good enough for Buffy, how can we not love it?
    Well-known Charlottes:

    • Charlotte's Web by E.B. White
    • Charlotte Bronte, author
    • Charlotte York, character on Sex and the City (pictured)
  • 7. Lily
    Origin: Latin, English
    Meaning: Lilium flowers; "purity"
    Reason: Another newcomer to our list, Lily is the fresher, more modern option of floral names that beats out its traditional relative Rose. Pop culture has seen it in novels, such as House of Mirth, The Secret Life of Bees and the beloved Harry Potter series. Celebrities like Kate Beckinsale/Len Wiseman, Chris O'Donnell/Caroline Fentress and Johnny Depp/Vanessa Paradis all have children carrying this flirty label.
    Well-known Lilys:

    • Lily Collins, actress (pictured)
    • Lily Allen, singer
    • Lily Aldridge, model
  • 8. Abigail
    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: "Father's joy"
    Reason: Literally an oldie but goodie, Abigail has been in the Top 10 since 2001. This name was popular in Revolutionary America, is found in the Old Testament and was shared by two First Ladies of the United States. It's a very proper but sweet title with a hipper nickname, Abby, to pull it into this century.
    Well-known Abigails:

    • Abigail Breslin, actress
    • Abigail Spencer, actress (pictured)
    • Abigail Van Buren, writer of "Dear Abby" columns
  • 9. Chloe
    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: "Blooming, young green shoot"
    Reason: Chloe has been bouncing around the bottom part of the Top 10 since 2008. It broke into the Top 100 in the late '90s and has been shooting up the list since. Successful young actresses like Chloe Moretz and Chloe Bridges give the title a new, fresh feeling, much like its meaning "young green shoot." The Kardashian connection helps bump the alternate spelling Khloe up the ranks.
    Well-known Chloes:

    • Chloe Moretz, actress (pictured)
    • Chloe Bridges, actress
    • Khloe Kardashian, reality TV star
  • 10. Amelia
    Origin: Latin, German
    Meaning: Form of Emily; "work, strive, industrious"
    Reason: New to our list is the forward-thinking Amelia, which has predecessors like pilot Earhart and feminist Bloomer. It's the birth name of British actress Minnie Driver and was a top moniker in Britain in 2011 and 2012. Also placing in the Top 10 in Australia and Poland, Amelia is turning into a global favorite!
    Well-known Amelias:

    • Amelia Earhart, pilot (pictured)
    • Amelia Warner, actress
    • Amelia Bedelia, children's book series

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