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Back-to-School Glee-Inspired Fashion for Kids

  • Jon Whittle (model) / Laura Hinely (still life)

    RACHEL has big Broadway dreams and the drive and talent to make them a reality.

    About Rachel

    MY STYLE IS…Prep-school chic but a bit quirky, with lots of plaid, bright colors, and patterns.

    I LOVE SHOPPING AT… for perfect preppy skirts and cardigans.

    ON MY ITOUCH…I love to beat the other Glee Club members on Staraoke ($2;, where I control a character in the game with the sound of my singing voice.

    I'M OBSESSED WITH…Barbra Streisand, my two dads, becoming a star, and Finn.

    WHEN I'M NOT GLEEKING OUT…You can find me doing vocal-cord exercises, saving money in my NYC or Bust piggy bank, and picturing my name in lights.

    Shopping List

    ON RACHEL: Beret with charms ($40;, Milly bow cardigan ($135;, Star necklace ($2;, Pleated skirt ($145;, TicTacToe socks ($6;, Selena shoes ($36;

    PLUS: 1. Red jacket ($40; 2. Multi-striped skirt ($45; 3. Cable sweater ($27; 4. Brash leopard flats ($25; 5. Dress ($50; 6. Pop belt ($17; 7. Striped shirt ($10; H&M stores)

  • Jon Whittle (model) / Laura Hinely (still life)

    FINN is the quarterback jock-turned-Gleek, with a heart of gold and an amazing voice.

    About Finn

    MY STYLE IS…Casual, comfortable, and layered.

    I LOVE SHOPPING AT… for plaid shirts and jeans, and for striped rugby shirts and cargo pants.

    ON MY ITOUCH…I pass the time with the Paper Football Signature Edition app ($4;

    I'M OBSESSED WITH…Football, basketball, Braveheart, the number five, and Rachel.

    WHEN I'M NOT GLEEKING OUT…I'm practicing my dance moves in front of the mirror. I'm not the best dancer.

    Shopping List

    ON FINN: Knuckleheads vest ($48;, Sonoma plaid shirt ($32;, Arizona shirt ($10;, Doyle pants ($55;, Adidas shoes ($50;

    PLUS: 1. Jean jacket ($190; Little Paul & Joe, 310-270-4620) and City Threads shirt ($18; 2. Jeans ($30; 3. Arizona plaid shirt ($15; and Diesel zip-up sweatshirt ($69; 4. Green worn satchel ($17; 5. Caleb sneakers ($38; 6. Zak! tumbler ($11;

  • Jon Whittle (model) / Laura Hinely (still life)

    QUINN is a reformed mean girl who found her true friends in the Glee Club.

    About Quinn

    MY STYLE ISAlways on trend and completely feminine. I love pastels, floral prints, and girly details.

    I LOVE SHOPPING for vintage-inspired clothes, and for sweet cotton dresses.

    ON MY ITOUCHI love playing with the Toca Hair Salon app ($2; I can cut, color, and style hair, which is great practice for my new shorter haircut.

    I'M OBSESSED WITHBeing popular.

    WHEN I'M NOT GLEEKING OUTI like to go to church, practice my cheerleading moves, and plot my next campaign for prom queen.

    Shopping List

    ON QUINN: Lace shirt ($13;, Pearl headband (worn as necklace) ($6; Dillard's stores), Robot necklace ($6; Forever 21 stores), Tap shorts ($25;, Lacy socks (three-pack, $15;, OMG shoes ($55;

    PLUS: 1. American Living sweater ($22; JCPenney stores) and Floral tunic ($40; 2. Leggings ($9; 3. Ruffle cardigan ($33; 4. Shirt ($62: 5. Christina shoes ($50; 6. Floral notebook ($5; Marshalls stores) 7. Headband ($18;

  • Jon Whittle (model) / Laura Hinely (still life)

    KURT is a sassy and eclectic individual, in both personality and style.

    About Kurt

    MY STYLE ISInspired by the hottest designer trends.

    I LOVE SHOPPING for on-trend styles, and for sophisticated silhouettes.

    ON MY ITOUCHI love the Gucci app (free;, where I can play dress-up with the Gucci kids' collection on virtual paper dolls.

    I'M OBSESSED WITH… The Sound of Music, fashion, and Blaine.

    WHEN I'M NOT GLEEKING OUTI'm learning French, browsing Parenting magazine's fashion stories, and cooking healthy meals for my dad.

    Shopping List

    ON KURT: Fore!! Axel and Hudson coat ($74;, Fore!! Axel and Hudson pants ($46;, Sperry Top-Sider Starpoint boots ($60;, Bow clip ($14;

    PLUS: 1. Aviator hat ($17; 2. Trench coat ($290; Little Paul & Joe, 310-270-4620) 3. Plaid tie ($30; 4. Chococat Tartan binder ($8; 5. Slim slacks ($38; 6. Wool botas ($29; 7. Silver satchel ($22; Forever 21 stores) 8. Zak! tumbler ($11;

  • Jon Whittle (model) / Laura Hinely (still life)

    PUCK has the attitude of a rebel, with a charming sweet-boy demeanor.

    About Puck

    MY STYLE IS…Very James Dean cool. I like simple looks with a rock 'n' roll edge.

    I LOVE SHOPPING AT… for hip, casual basics like distressed jeans, and at for rocker tees.

    ON MY ITOUCH…I learn songs and guitar chords on the TouchChords app ($1;

    I'M OBSESSED WITH…Coming up with nicknames for myself. You can call me Pucksaurus, Puckzilla, or Puckerone.

    WHEN I'M NOT GLEEKING OUT…I'm playing football, flirting with girls, doing community service, and strumming my guitar.

    Shopping List

    ON PUCK: Denim jacket ($35;, Trunk Ltd ZZ Top shirt ($30;, Arizona cargo pants ($18;, Puma Cabana sneakers ($40;

    PLUS: 1. ID bracelet ($89; 2. Arizona shirt ($15; and Skate hoodie ($35; 3. Gray pants ($45; 4. Black boots ($40; Marshalls stores) 5. Shirt ($44; 6. First Wave shirt ($22; 7. Backpack ($30;

  • Jon Whittle (models) / Laura Hinely (still life)

    SUE is the conniving captain of the Cheerios. WILL is the loyal leader of the Glee Club.

    About Sue

    MY STYLE ISAthletic-chic, with track suits in every color.

    I LOVE SHOPPING for my track suits, and for comfy tees.

    ON MY ITOUCHI play with the SmackTalk! app ($1;, where different animals repeat what I say in funny voices.

    About Will

    MY STYLE ISRelaxed and preppy, made cool with trendy accessories.

    I LOVE SHOPPING for the perfect khakis, button-downs, and sweater vests.

    ON MY ITOUCHI prepare for our Glee Club rehearsals with the Glee Karaoke app ($1;

    Shopping List

    ON SUE: Firebird track suit ($40;, Eco shirt ($25;, Adrian shoes ($32; ON WILL: Chambray shirt ($20;, Fouger tie ($15;, Chaps vest ($26;, Jeans ($12;

    PLUS: (at top) 1. Long-sleeved shirt ($16; and Hoodie ($34; 2. Pants ($24; 3. Sweatpants (sold with top, not shown, $54; 4. Trumpette shoes ($19; (at bottom) 1. Plaid pants ($23; 2. Saucony sneakers ($30; 3. Cardigan ($25; 4. Tea Collection vest ($31; 5. Corduroy hats ($24 each;

  • Jon Whittle (model) / Laura Hinely (still life)

    ARTIE may be sweet, but his drive and talent make him a force to be reckoned with.

    About Artie

    MY STYLE IS…A little nerdy, with sweater vests and cardigans made cool with hipster accessories.

    I LOVE SHOPPING AT… for skinny jeans, perfect-fit button-downs, and shoes, and for suspenders and bow ties.

    ON MY ITOUCH…I practice all of our Glee Club songs on the Glee Karaoke App ($1;

    I'M OBSESSED WITH…Dancing. I even love to play Dance Dance Revolution on my Wii (with my hands, of course).

    WHEN I'M NOT GLEEKING OUT…I hang out with the other kids in the A/V club, listen to hip-hop, and practice my wheelies.

    Shopping List

    ON ARTIE: Arizona shirt ($15;, Fore!! Axel and Hudson vest ($38) and socks ($17 for three pairs;, Jeans ($40;, Corinne McCormack Stella glasses ($58;, Sperry Top-Siders ($40;

    PLUS: 1. Glasses (from top): Polo Prep ($120;, A&A Optical Score ($106;, SuperFlex ($120; for stores)2. Sweater set ($144; Little Paul & Joe, 310-270-4620 to order) and Plaid tie ($30; ralphlauren.com3. Jeans ($19; oldnavy.com4. T-shirt ($18; softclothing.net5. Sperry Top-Siders ($42; striderite.com6. Shirt ($40; polarnopyretusa.com7. Backpack ($22;


  • Jon Whittle (model) / Laura Hinely (still life)

    MERCEDES is a confident vocal powerhouse with a flair for fashion.

    About Mercedes

    MY STYLE IS…Bold, sassy, and fun, just like my personality.

    I LOVE SHOPPING AT… for cool, funky hi-tops, and for stylish street wear.

    ON MY ITOUCH…I come up with my own virtual clothing designs for our Glee Club costumes with the Style Studio: Fashion Designer app ($3;

    I'M OBSESSED WITH…Whitney Houston, tater tots, and hats of any kind.

    WHEN I'M NOT GLEEKING OUT…I hang out with my BFF Kurt, watch Dancing With the Stars, and plot to steal the spotlight from Rachel.

    Shopping List

    ON MERCEDES: Paper Chase hat ($29;, Oona tunic ($51;, Robot necklace ($6; Forever 21 stores), Glitter belt duo ($10;, Leggings ($24;, Leg warmers ($8;, Disney “Shake It Up” kicks ($27;

    PLUS: 1. D-Signed jacket ($25; Target stores) 2. Pants ($50; polarnopyretusa.com3. Forever Orchid shirt ($18; dillards.com4. “Florence” boots ($69;ninakids.com5. Forever Orchid skirt ($18; dillards.com6. Cooper Key hat ($14; dillards.com7. Diesel shirt ($45;

  • Jon Whittle (model) / Laura Hinely (still life)

    TINA is a little bit shy, but she comes alive while performing with her friends.

    About Tina

    MY STYLE IS…Edgy and goth, with a dark color palette and rocker-girl accessories.

    I LOVE SHOPPING AT…H&M stores for cool designer-inspired rocker looks, and for cutting-edge outfits.

    ON MY ITOUCH…I love to dress virtual paper dolls in a style just like mine with the Adora Dear Lite App (free;

    I'M OBSESSED WITH…The blue highlights in my hair, Mike, and going out to eat at Breadstix.

    WHEN I'M NOT GLEEKING OUT…I'm spending time with my boyfriend and his mom, working as a camp counselor, and practicing my fake stutter.

    Shopping List

    ON TINA: Shirt ($11; Forever 21 stores), Uproar tunic ($15;, Fingerless gloves ($15;, Rhianna leggings ($80;,Brash Teagan boots ($40;

    PLUS: 1. Forever Orchid shirt ($25; dillards.com2. Kate capelet ($50; abirdbaby.com3. D-Signed skirt ($13; Target stores) and Striped leggings ($14; Ruffled sweatshirt ($30; bchildrenswear.etsy.com5. Sequin belt ($12; and Tulle skirt ($23; oldnavy.com6. Keds Jump Rope sneakers ($40;striderite.com7. Glitter lunch box ($18; gap.com8. Boots ($35;