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Great Kitchen Space Savers

  • With Zevro's Dial-A-Spice, you can store two, three, or four seasonings in one spot. The compartments (four quarter-size ones and two half-size ones) keep seasonings fresh and separate; just turn the dial to the spice you want to sprinkle. ($15;

    "I used to stack spice containers, but they always fell over. Now my spices are neat and organized, and I'm not picking up bottles." -Tammy Smith, mom of Nathaniel, 6, and Julia, 18 months, Souderton, PA

  • The shape and large size of funnels make them space wasters, but not Lamson & Goodnow's HotSpot Foldi-Funnel -- it crushes to a quarter of its full size. ($6;

    "I love that you can fold it part of the way when you don't need a long funnel." --Pam Moody mom of Abby, 2 Minerva, OH
  • Two slicers plus two graters equals one great gadget: the Zyliss 4-in-1 Slicer and Grater. The plates are easy to insert, and the food holder keeps hands nick-free. ($20;

    "It fits into a small drawer, unlike other kitchen hardware, which takes up so much space. And it works well for slicing and grating veggies." --Leigh Moomey, mom of Sydney, 3, Maumelle, AR
  • Big mixing bowls are a must for anyone who cooks, but who has room for them? You do! Progressive's Collapsible Mixing Bowls are barely two inches high when squished. ($10 for 1.5-quart bowl, $13 for 3-quart bowl, $15 for 5-quart bowl;

    "These hold more than my old bowls, but are perfect for my small kitchen." --Paula Condol, mom of Jolee, 6, and Will, 4, Bismarck, ND
  • Progressive's Collapsible Magnetic Measuring Cups can stick on your fridge, so they'll be within reach when you need them and out of your way when you don't. ($13; for stores)

    "Sticky foods are easy to measure with these -- just push up the bottom of the cup to pop peanut butter out!" --Jeanne Shellenberger, mom of Roxanne, 5, and Allen, 2, Gulfport, MS
  • The Zyliss Mix-n-Measure measuring cups don't just store inside each other; their rounded design and skidproof bottoms let them double as little mixing bowls. ($20 for three-piece set with lid;

    "They're the best measuring cups I've ever had -- the measurements are easy to read from all angles. And if you have room for the largest one, you have room for all three!" --Nancy Bishop, mom of Madeline, 5 Peter, 3, and Daniel, 7 months, Acworth, GA
  • No counter space? Dice dinner over the sink with Dexas's Popware Collapsible Strainer Cutting Board. And when you're done, the colander folds up as flat as the board. ($30;

    "It's much easier to grab just one thing for washing and cutting fruit."
    --Erin Mantz, mom of Max, 6, and Zack, 3, Potomac, MD
  • It takes the heat
    Steam vegetables, boil shrimp, or cook pasta right inside OXO's Good Grips Silicone Cooking Colander (it easily hooks onto a pot). Lift it over the pot to drain, then push the strainer in for compact storing. ($20;
    "This colander can fit almost anywhere! Plus, I can open and close it with just one hand." --Amanda Knox, mom of Josh, 2, and Lily, 4 months, Bolivia, NC