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Kids' Best Halloween Costume Ideas

  • Jessica Ortiz

    "Charlie's costume this year." —Jessica

    Find more homemade halloween costume ideas, submitted by readers just like you!

  • Maria Frederick

    "My son, the mariachi." —Maria

  • Sarah Gilson

    "My baby last year as Boo from Monsters Inc." —Sarah

  • Mikayla Mondragon

    "My twins as little lambs." —Mikayla

  • Mikayla Mondragon

    "My little koi fish." —Mikayla

  • Michele Jensen

    "Sean as a pumpkin." —Michele

  • Jessica Ortiz

    "My three lil' pirates." —Jessica

  • Jessica Ortiz

    "Charlie at age two." —Jessica

  • Heather Balliet Lee

    "My youngest son as a dragon last year." —Heather

  • Heather Balliet Lee

    "My oldest when he was a lego a couple of years ago." —Heather

  • Christine Rota

    "Angelina as Belle and Nicholas as Spongebob last year." —Christina

  • Amanda Balow

    "Parker as one of the minions from Dispicable Me last year." —Amanda

  • Darlene Avila

    "Chilli baby!" —Darlene Avila

  • Virginia Timmons Stevans

    "Jayden as Mickey Mouse!" —Virginia

  • Trisha Waterman Hughes

    "My son, Logan last year's Halloween he was 8 months." —Trisha Waterman Hughes

  • Jenna Nicole Sandman

    "My three-year-old as Captain America." —Jenna Nicole Sandman

  • Felicia Spencer

    "My little Simba." —Felicia Spencer

  • Susi Indrastuti

    "My little sunflower Quinela." —Susi Indrastuti