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Have a Great Morning!

  • Hot Stuff
    Boca's new Meatless Breakfast Wraps make a quick and tasty hot morning option. We could eat these at every meal! (Original and Southwestern flavors, $3.59; grocery stores)
  • Kid Pleaser
    With spinning beads, a textured teether, and a peekaboo mirror, the Stick & Spin Monkey will keep your baby busy while you make her morning meal. The whole thing stays put with a suction cup that attaches to the high-chair tray. Ages 6 months and up. ($10; Babies "R" Us stores.)
  • Robo Alarm
    What -- besides ice cream -- could make your child psyched to jump out of bed every morning? The wacky Clocky alarm clock! When it sounds, it rolls off the nightstand and around the room, and "hides" until your child gets up to find it and turn it off. ($50;
  • Tina Rupp

    Carrot-Yogurt Muffins
    Skip the sugary cereal and let this healthy, yummy muffin keep you happy until lunch.

    See the recipe.

  • At Your Service
    The rooster on the adorable Table Fun Farm Friends plate set will get your child crowing about breakfast. ($24;
  • Brew On
    Is coffee the new green tea? Turns out, it's as chock-full of healthy antioxidants as the leafy drink. Just try to sip, not guzzle, throughout the morning -- research shows the caffeine will keep you more alert that way. The Stay or Go Coffeemaker brews into a thermal carafe or one or two travel mugs, keeping your joe hot for hours. ( $70;
  • Finger Food
    While you serve breakfast, your child can cook up "lunch" with the adorable Biofino Store Sandwich. The magnetic bread holds the meat, cheese, and veggie felt pieces together. Ages 3 and up. ($14;
  • Lunch Special
    Somehow, PB&J just tastes better when it's shaped like a triangle, semicircle, or heart. And with the Good Bites Crustless Sandwich Cutters, you can turn out appetizing, crustless mini-sandwiches in a snap. (Go ahead, toss the crusts in with your own lunch.) ($15 for a four-pack;
  • Scentsational!
    The smell of citrus has been proven to have the same rousing effect on the brain as an alarm going off -- not to mention it's way more pleasant. Try a refreshing body wash like Softsoap's zesty Pink Grapefruit Splash for a fragrant boost. ($3.50; at major drugstores.)