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Healthy Meals for New Moms

  • Spencer Jones

    One of the many facts of new motherhood almost no one seems to mention is the challenge of feeding yourself. Sure, there are plenty of tips on how much and what you need to make the optimum amount and quality of breast milk, melt away postpartum pounds and maintain the maximum level of energy on almost zero sleep (we’re guilty, too), but how in the heck do you get food to mouth when you are always either holding your baby, changing your baby, feeding your baby, pushing a stroller or lugging an infant carrier to and fro? Even eating wearing a front carrier or a sling is overrated unless you don’t care about dripping salad dressing on that delicate little scalp (and plenty of times you will indeed be too hungry to care). Well, we’ve got some ideas for you. Check out these nutritious nibbles you can literally eat with one hand.


    Frozen “pocket” sandwiches.
    Pop them into the microwave, then into your mouth.

    Lean Pockets Spinach Artichoke Chicken from

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    New-wave nuggets.
    Save the chicken variety for the kids and pick up some frozen veggie nuggets, or spring or egg rolls, for yourself.

    Veggie Patch Spinach Bites with Three Cheese from

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    Less-mess wraps.
    Skip the drippy dressings and use hummus, yogurt or bean dip as a tasty spread instead. Buy mini tortillas, add prepared grilled veggies and goat cheese or chicken (cut into bite- size pieces), and keep them rolled and ready to grab in your fridge. Try also wraps with muenster or mozzarella and tomato.

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    No spoon needed if you opt for the drinkable smoothies or the type in tubes that you just squeeze (so what if they were invented for preschoolers?).

    Stonyfield YoKids Squeezers Cherry & Berry from

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    Snack bars.
    Not all granola bars are created equal, however. Look for Bellybars and LUNA Bars, both of which were created with a mom’s nutritional needs in mind.

    LUNA Bar Chocolate Dipped Coconut from

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    Quick snacks.
    Hard-boiled eggs, string cheese, baby carrot sticks and dried fruits pack plenty of protein, calcium and other healthy nutrients when you need sustenance on the run. Dip them into some hummus, yogurt, spreadable cheese, peanut butter or salsa to tickle your tongue even more.

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    One-hundred-calorie snack packs and chocolate bars.
    You’ll need a treat sometimes to keep you going, so stock the house.

    Nabisco 100 Calorie Wheat Thins Toasted Chips from