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4 History Books

  • If you're raising a history buff who enjoys stories of daily life in another time, try...

    The Birchbark House
    By Louise Erdrich
    Ages 9 to 12
    A Native American version of life on the prairie by a well-known novelist.

  • Or this historical mystery...

    Peril at King's Creek
    By Elizabeth McDavid Jones
    Ages 9 to 12
    A gutsy colonial American Girl isn't about to sit around and sew samplers.

  • If she wonders about people in her schoolbooks, try...

    King George: What Was His Problem?
    By Steve Sheinkin
    Ages 9 to 12
    The humorous backstories of the American Revolutio

  • Or if she's curious about kids who had a hard life, give...

    The Liberation of Gabriel King
    By K.L. Going
    Ages 9 to 12
    Racial tensions from a child's view in 1970s Georgia.


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