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How to Make a Birthday Cake: 12 Delicious Recipes

  • Todd Coleman

    Caramel Cake
    Rich butter cake is draped in thick caramel fudge icing in this southern-style layer cake, based on a recipe by Louise Hodges, a home cook from Carmack, Mississippi.




  • Todd Coleman

    Red Velvet Cake
    While the classic red-hued, cocoa-flavored cake known as red velvet is usually dressed with cream cheese frosting, we prefer it with a simpler whipped cream frosting. 
  • Todd Coleman

    Coconut Cake
    In this recipe, fluffy coconut frosting is spread atop pillowy buttermilk cake. For best results, use fresh coconut and its sweet water. 
  • Todd Coleman

    Lemon Layer Cake
    The perfect birthday cake for the lemon-lover, the winter citrus fruit infuses this cake in three ways: zested into the batter, in a tart syrup that gets drizzled over the cake layers, and in a thick lemon curd frosting. If you don't want to make the frosting from scratch, you can substitute store-bought lemon curd. 
  • Todd Coleman

    Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting
    Classic yellow cake with rich, fudge icing is a sure crowd-pleaser. 
  • André Baranowski

    Smith Island Cake
    This impressive, many-layered cake is actually a dressed-up Duncan Hines box cake with ground Reese's Peanut Butter Cups sprinkled between every layer.
  • Todd Coleman

    German Chocolate Cake
    The decadent chocolate cake with coconut- and walnut-filling is actually not German at all–it's named after German's Chocolate, an American product created in 1852.
  • Todd Coleman

    Black Forest Cake
    German Black Forest Cake, filled with cherries and enriched with kirsch (cherry brandy) gets better the longer it sits.
  • Ganda Suthivarakom

    Root Beer Cake
    This surprising cake is sweetened with root beer soda and topped with root beer-flavored hard candies. 
  • Todd Coleman

    Very Moist Chocolate Layer Cake
    This old-fashioned chocolate cake features a gooey, drippy chocolate icing.
  • Todd Coleman

    Carrot Cake
    Crushed Pineapple and grated carrot keep this classic cake sweet and moist. Try using marzipan carrots for a fun cake topper. 
  • Todd Coleman

    Gluten-Free Carrot Cake with Coconut-Cream Cheese Frosting
    This light and airy carrot cake calls for pulsed walnuts and corn starch instead of flour, making it naturally gluten-free.