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Most Inappropriate Halloween Pumpkins Ever

  • It's a Pumpkin!
    Birth is such a beautiful, awe-inspiring experience. Except this time.


    Carried Away
    This Carrie-inspired pumpkin will ensure you never get trick-or-treaters at your house again.

  • Flashers
    Sure, Halloween can be about body parts, but severed body parts. Not pumpkin boobs and butts.


    Pumpkin, and a Nice Glass of Chianti
    We hope these people created this Hannibal Lecter mask especially for their pumpkin, because if it's from their closet, trick-or-treaters should skip this house no matter how big the candy bars are. 

  • i am bored

    Just Born
    Where's Daddy Pumpkin when you need him? Let's cut that cord!

  • Knock Out
    Violence, even the pumpkin-on-pumpkin variety, is never the answer.

  • Pumpkin Eat Pumpkin
    Pumpkin: It's what's for dinner

  • Special Delivery
    We're not sure what's more inappropriate—this TMI jack-o-lantern, or the fact that it appears to be displayed in an office.

  • No Words
    We didn't even know he was depressed.


    Sex Ed
    "Mommy, what does 'live nudes' mean? And is that girl a fireman?"

  • Can't Quite Reach
    This one's hilarious because we've been there!

  • That's Sick
    Looks like this jack-o-lantern was overserved.

  • Someone Call 911
    Help—there's a pumpkin on a murderous rampage!