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9 Fun Infant and Baby DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

  • Clark Kent Infant Halloween Costume

    For Your Little Superhero: Clark Kent

    Look, up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman! Small-scale superheroes will love flying through the neighborhood in this infant Halloween costume, proudly showing off their hidden disguise. Get this look by first buying an infant onesie that already bears the Superman symbol or iron a decal of the symbol onto a royal blue bodysuit. From there, discreetly hide it with that blue or white button-down shirt you’ve been waiting for the perfect occasion to use, and pair it with black pants and a clip-on necktie. Top it off with some infant-sized black-rimmed glasses, and you’ll have the cutest little son or daughter of Krypton. Fly high, little one; you are going to change the world!

    We used:

    • DC Comics Superman Short Sleeve Bodysuit, 2 pack ($10;
    • Oxford Button-Up Bodysuit ($26; gap)
    • The Children's Place Baby Boys' Playground Print Bottoms ($8 - $11;
    • Troy James Genevieve Goings Collection Baby Toddler Boys Necktie ($6;
    • Baby Opticals by Hipsterkid Clear Lens UV Glasses in Black ($15;
    • Trumpette Oxford Socks, set of 6 ($26;
  • For Your Little Princess: Tutu-Cute Fairy Princess

    This Halloween costume for an infant girl serves as an easy and adorable option for treat taking. Just use all those oh-so-cute accessories you splurged on for your little princess to turn her into, well, a princess! Start by repurposing that tutu she wore for her newborn photos (we know you have one!) and put it over a cute and comfortable onesie. Once you’ve got the royal crown, you’re all set. In no time, your little bundle of joy will turn into a soon-to-be pirouetting princess (you know, once she’s mastered the whole crawling and walking thing). Bonus: The tutu and crown also kick-start a darling dress-up collection for your kids’ toy box or bench.

    We used:

    • Baby Tutu ($16;
    • Little Treasures 3-Pack Pearls Bodysuits ($14;
    • First Impressions 2-Piece Cotton Princess Crown & Booties Set ($36;
  • Jon Whittle

    For Your Little ‘Big Cat’ Lover: Little Lion

    Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Whether you’re getting your baby Halloween costumes inspiration from The Wizard of Oz or little Simba, you can’t go wrong with dressing up your youngster as a lovable lion. We suggest you invest in a wild mane and tail for your child to enjoy for trick-or-treating as well as dress-up days for many years to come. From there, neutral clothing is all you need to finish up this little lion look. And if you want to suit up your entire pride, you can get lion manes for the whole family too!

    Get the Look:

    • PandoraTees Infant Long Sleeve Yellow Bodysuit ($7 - $10;
    • Cat & Jackl Baby Boys' Chino Pants ($7;
    • Baby Lion Hat ($32;
    • Lion Tail ($10;
    • BabyVision Luvable Friends Canvas Hook-and-Loop Crib Shoe ($5 - $18; amazon)
  • Cabbage Patch Kid Infant Halloween Costume

    For a Throwback to Your Favorite Childhood Doll: Cabbage Patch Kid

    It doesn’t get any easier than this throwback to the ‘80s: We’re talking the one, the only Cabbage Patch Kid! It’s a DIY infant Halloween costume that is an instant hit with candy givers of all ages. Just round up those adorable outfits you’ve been waiting for the right occasion to use (or go ahead and get that ensemble you’ve had your eye on for a while), and plunk that oh-so-recognizable Cabbage Patch Kid hair (in this case, hat) on your little one’s head for an instant cuddle-worthy costumed doll. If you loved Cabbage Patch Kids when you were a child, take this opportunity to choose your kiddo’s costume, because, let’s be honest, parents, in a couple of years, your “say” in Halloween wear may be limited.

    We used:

  • Jon Whittle

    For Your Little Outdoorsman: Lumberjack or Lumberjill

    Timber! Even if your child’s name isn’t Jack or Jill, there’s no doubt that a baby dressed as a little logger is one of the cutest things around when it comes to a Halloween costume for infant boys or girls. A plaid shirt, burly hat and toy axe are all you need to turn your infant into a lovable little outdoorsman or -woman! In fact, neighbors might be convinced your little one went straight from hauling Douglas firs to fetching fun-size candy bars (permission to sneak a few, moms and dads). Even if logging doesn’t pan out for your mini lumberjack or lumberjill, there’s nothing wrong with planting the seed that the open air and outdoor play are ideal for endless hours of joy!

    Get the Look:

    • Wrangler Baby Boy Carpenter Jean ($9;
    • Tem Doger Baby Boys' Button Front Plaid Flannel Bodysuit ($10 - $12;
    • Rising Star Hiker Boot ($10;
    • REDESS Infant Toddler Kids Beanie Knit Cap ($20;
    • Lumberjack Axe Plush Toy ($18;
  • Jon Whittle

    For Your Future Feminist: Rosie the Riveter

    Transform your little cutie into Rosie the Riveter, the cultural icon of World War II who continues to represent American feminism today! Just pair a denim romper with a red polka-dot bandanna and infant work boots to complete this fierce Halloween costume for infant girls. A metal lunchbox ties everything together (and doubles as a great trick-or-treat bag), making sure every house you stop at knows you and your little one are a force to be reckoned with. Now to teach her how to chant “We can do it!” and roll up those shirtsleeves.

    Get the Look:

    • Supersoft Denim One-Piece ($40;
    • Rosie the Riveter Adjustable Headband ($11 and up,
    • Garanimals Baby Boys' Work Boot ($14;
    • Plain Metal Snack Box ($18;
  • Little Wrangler Infant Halloween Costume

    For Your Little Wrangler: Cowboy or Cowgirl

    Howdy, partner! Your little cowboy or cowgirl will be yelling “yee-haw!” when they take to the trick-or-treat trails alongside their stuffed steed in this baby Halloween costume. And it’s a breeze to roundup: You’ll need a shirt and jeans that are appropriate for the open range, along with a hat and boots that can stand up to the day’s work. Last, but certainly not least, set your little one up with a trusted horse to roam everything from the open plains to rocky terrain. Don’t forget to teach your mini wrangler how to tip his hat to those who “treat” him to some candy. Bonus: Depending on the weather, you can really adapt baby Halloween costumes, such as this one, to be warmer for chilly October nights.

    We used:

    • OshKosh B'Gosh Baby Boys Long-Sleeve Button-Front Poplin Bodysuit ($10 - $49;
    • Cat & Jack Baby Boys' Dark Wash Denim Joggers ($8;
    • Baby Felt Cowboy Hat ($25;
    • M&F Western Kids Baby Bucker Camden Cowboy Boots ($25;
    • Gallop the Brown Pony Plush Toy ($20;
  • Mickey Mouse Infant Halloween Costume

    For Your Little Mouseketeer: Mickey Mouse

    If Mickey Mouse is everywhere in your house, from toothbrushes and tableware to pajamas and TV sets, you likely have a miniature Mouseketeer in your presence. What better way to get him to smile from ear to ear than to get him dressed up as his favorite cartoon character, Mickey! Start with a pair of black pants and shirt or a black one-piece romper, and add red shorts. From there, you can either sew or glue two oversize white buttons to the front of the shorts and then fit your kiddo’s petite feet with some yellow shoes or socks, depending on their mobility. This infant Halloween costume is not complete until those iconic ears go on, so get some that your child is excited about and will keep on his head. In no time at all, you’ll be doing the “Hot Dog Dance” from door-to-door and proclaiming “Oh, boy!” with your mini-me as you collect all that candy.

    We used:

  • Conductor Infant Halloween Costume

    For Your Little Railroad Aficionado: Train Engineer

    All aboard! If your tiny tot loves all things trains — from shouting “toot toot” every time they see one chugging past or singing along to Thomas & Friends — they'll love turning into a train engineer on Halloween. Parents love the fact that with the purchase of a train conductor hat and a few everyday basics, like overalls and a plain onesie, this Halloween costume for infant boys and girls is complete. In no time at all, you’ll be on the express train to Halloween fun. Chugga-chugga-choo-choo!

    We used:

    • Wrangler Newborn Baby Boy Overall ($12;
    • Gerber Newborn Baby Onesies Organic Long Sleeve Bodysuits, 3 pack ($8;
    • Train Conductor Hat ($23;
    • Surprize by Stride Rite Baby Boys' Lee Sneaker Mini Shoes ($20;