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Irresistible Sweet and Savory Snacks

  • These treats are surprisingly tasty and are perfect for your snack stash -- no need to share!
  • Cocoa Crunch
    To that familiar tortilla-chip texture, this version adds a hint of chocolate. Top with a marshmallow for a simple s'more. (FoodShouldTasteGood Chocolate Tortilla Chips, $3.29)

  • Pop To It!
    Unlike many of its peers, this kettle corn is sweet but not cloying. Your taste buds, and waistline, will thank you. (Jolly Time 100 Calorie Healthy Pop Kettle Corn, $1.89)

  • Curd's the Word
    A yogurt alternative, cottage cheese is protein-packed and has less sugar -- allowing the fruit here to take center stage. (Rachel's Cottage Cheese Pear Mangosteen, $1.69)

  • 'Licious Lolli
    A bacon-and-maple sucker?! It's tasty, we promise -- but then again, so's the less-daring ginger-lemon flavor. (Das Lollis, 50 cents)

  • Cheese, Please
    Toffee, dates, and raisins are mixed into tart cheddar for a rich, filling snack that's also dreamy when melted on bread. (Coombe Castle Sticky Toffee Cheese, $12.99/lb)

  • Berry Nice
    Get your antioxidants and calcium with the dynamic duo of strawberries and ricotta. The mild cheese tempers the sweetness of the fruit.

  • Chili Bean
    Earthy spice adds a kick without overpowering the candy's mango taste. (Jelly Belly Chili Mango Jelly Beans, $8.50/lb)