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Kid-Friendly, Veggie-Less Meals

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    Berry mini-meat loaves
    Chicken and fruit kebabs
    Pineapple-mango salmon
    Peachy pork medallions

    Tip: If the fruit isn't in season, substitute frozen or canned packed in juice (not syrup), with no sugar added.

  • Berry Mini-Meat Loaves
    Quick tip: If the kids aren't crazy about gravy, skip it

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  • Chicken and Fruit Kebabs
    Time-saver: Don't feel like soaking skewers? Use metal.

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  • Pineapple-Mango Salmon
    Simple sub: Try chicken breast instead of salmon

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  • Peachy Pork Medallions
    Easy polenta swap: Couscous and rice are great stand-ins.

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