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Must-Read Moms Runners-up: More Mom Blogs We Love

  • Snarky Mommy 

    "This afternoon, a woman I had never met before came into my bedroom and asked to see my breasts. Within 20 minutes she was squeezing them and it wasn't objectionable at all. In fact, I paid her to do so. Oh the Lactation Consultant, she has changed my life."

    Why We Love It: Amy is extremely hilarious and honest, using video, pictures, thoughtful posts to show humor in breastfeeding and motherhood.

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  • Storked! 

    "When she walked away, Amy and I reverted to mean moms. We did. We talked about this mom. I admit it. I don't see a shopping cart as a girl toy. [...] I don't play into girl toys and boy toys. JD eats Cheerios out of his pink Dora bowl every morning. I didn't force it on him--he picked it out."

    Why We Love It: Written by Christine Coppa,'s modern mom blog tackles her unexpected journey into single motherhood.

    Check out her Mama's Boy blog on!

  • Postpartum Progress 

     "I don't know about you, but I find it comforting every single time I see a new study published where the researchers were focusing on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Even if I can't read it because I have no idea what half the words mean (prodromal? specificity?), I'm still delighted to learn that someone out there cares."

    Why We Love It: After suffering from postpartum obsessive-compulsive disorder with her first child, Katherine Stone created this informative blog to educate and provide support for those dealing with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

  • The Broke Socialite

    "He is your typical teenaged boy...listens to his music too loud, leaves a trail of socks between his bedroom and his bathroom and got caught cutting class (he went to Taco Bell...alone...Tip: If you're going to skip, make it good, Son. Not over a burrito. Alone.) a couple of weeks ago."

    Why We Love It:
    Shameeka Ayers gives tips, tricks and advice on how to live like a socialite without spending like one. She's got great (budget-conscious) recipes, points her readers to fantastic deals and steals on everything from designer clothing to home decor. Her Modern Manners Monday posts, which ask readers for their advice on etiquette, elicit great response from her readers.

  • Princess Nebraska

    "I think sometimes maybe we're overexposed to parenting horror stories, us folks who spend a lot of time hanging out here on the internet. Sometimes it seems like everyone out there had a difficult baby, or that's what you hear about, and so you think that whatever your baby is up to can't actually be that bad."

    Why We Love It:
    Elizabeth isn't the biggest blogger out there, but she's one of the best and most vulnerable writers.

  • To Think is to Create

    "We beat the odds when they told us parents of autism have an 80% divorce rate. Though we did test that theory...And then our daughter was born. Born asleep. Born into God's arms. And you held her and I saw love unlike any I'd ever known. Your rough and strong hands delicately cradling her earthly vessel. Singing to her like we always had every other baby."

    Why We Love It: This is an amazingly thoughtful blog written by the mom of three autistic sons. Life isn't easy, but Arianne is incredibly introspective, and does a terrific job opening her heart and mind to her readers, which seems cathartic not only to her but for her loyal audience, which regularly offers up virtual hugs to Arianne.

  • Scary Mommy 

    "Before I was a mother, I didn't really care for other people's children. Sure, I could appreciate a cute one here and there, but I was never particularly drawn to the little creatures. Puppies were where it was at."

    Why We Love It: This funny blogger speaks the truths about motherhood, when other mothers aren't willing to admit it.

  • That's Empress to You

    "I turn 50 today. I've been going around making surprised faces and saying, 'Yes, I know, I can hardly believe it.' Then I tuck my flab into my low-rise cougar jeans, and tighten the straps on my high-heeled gladiator sandals, so they cut attractively into my swollen ankles."

    Why We Love It: San Francisco- based single mom, Lisa Okuhn writes about politics, current events and parenting a teenage boy to hilarious effect.

  • Austismville 

    "I knew that he was going to be just like his Dad. Valedictorian of his class...captain of the football team. So when the director of his prestigious preschool pulled me aside and whispered 'I think Jack may not belong here...' I was shocked. Defensive. I just couldn't see it."

    Why We Love It: This activist mom writes about her son's severe autism and agitates for more research. She is a total fighter for her son and doesn't gloss over the sadness she still feels about the diagnosis. She also provides a lot of valuable information for people just getting a diagnosis.

  • Modern Mami 

    "In these early preschool years, I'm baffled as to why my husband's fatherly behavior is perceived to be so rare. Why are so many women surprised to see him go beyond the 'goofy-dad' role and see him actually nurturing, caring, and tending to her?"

    Why We Love It: Melanie is a Floridian of Puerto Rican descent. She gives us traditional mom blog information -- giveaways, parenting tips, food -- but with some Latina flavor thrown in. She embodies the acculturated, bilingual American of Latin descent -- interested in the same sorts of things everyone else is, but she also provides a welcome mat for the increasing number of Latinas who are seeking information online.

  • Finslippy 

    "Henry (loudly): You curse in front of me!?
    Me: I do not. Your father does. Please get the two of us straight.
    Henry: I don't know, 'shoot' sounds worse to me. Because it's like guns.
    Me: You're absolutely right. Stick with 'shoot.' Much worse."

    Why We Love It: Though hardly undiscovered, this blog is so hilarious, off-the-wall, and completely clever.

  • Tiki Tiki

    "My mother is descended from a race of people who are compulsive clean-freaks. The stories of my great aunts who each had their own personal broom and dustpan are legendary. These people cleaned things. Every. Day. And liked it. Sadly, that part of my Cuban ancestry must be recessive."

    Why We Love It: Fantastic writing from the Latina perspective. On Tiki Tiki, being Latina is a celebration on its face, but also a testament to how much we all -- no matter our culture, background, race, financial status, etc. -- can find common ground in being humans who want to live an authentic life and raise our kids to be that much more better than us. (And the recipes?! Oh. My.)

  • Bacon Is My Enemy

    "After the age of 10, Paige started to turn on me. She started making me do things like go to Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister and Gilly Hicks all in one day (which is just cruel). She ran up my phone bill by sending something like 15,000 text messages in one month. [...] She stopped holding my hand (even when no one was looking). Obviously, this was all very traumatic for me."

    Why We Love It: Giyen Kim is the single mom of a teenage daughter, who lives on an island off the coast of Seattle. She writes with great wit about the trials of raising a teenager and her battle with losing weight.

  • Fabulous Financials

    "We spent less than $300 on prom. This includes her dress, alterations, shoes, clutch, jewelry, hair, makeup, nails, corsage, prom ticket, limo and dinner. If I may say so myself, my baby looked absolutely gorgeous! I'm the Bargain Hunter Queen."

    Why We Love It: Although Single Ma's focus has shifted somewhat for 2010, in 2009, she did more of what she's done best for years: shed light on the personal and financial struggles and planning of a single mom. She's smart, savvy, and honest. Those needing financial advice will find her no-nonsense approach informative, and those not needing financial instruction will still be fascinated to follow along with her steps towards building a full life for herself, one practical goal at a time.

  • The Road Less Travelled

    "An inevitable fear of childless women, of course, is "What will happen to me when I grow old? Who will take care of me?" [...] While we hope that friends & relatives will look out for us, the fact is that (even if we do have children!), most of us will wind up living alone at some point in our lives."

    Why We Love It: A mother without her child gracefully and inquisitively navigates a world where her counterparts have living children. Lori's child was born still and she and her husband decided to live child-free after infertility. She is someone who is deeply comfortable with her decisions and is happy to discuss them and help others over that hump when they decide to live child-free -- which does not mean that she is grief-free even if she is comfortable with her choices. Her posts are always eye-opening and extremely respectful of others' decisions as well.

  • Lumpyhead 

    "Dear Volkswagen,
    Your current ad campaign resurrecting the Slug Bug/Punch Buggy concept is very cute. [...] But for placing your ads on Nick Jr - and thereby teaching my children to beat the crap out of each other while howling "BLUE ONE!" - I hope you die in a fire."

    Why We Love It: Her ability to laugh AT her kids isn't insulting or disturbing when she writes about it. Readers do not feel the least bit guilty giggling along as she posts pictures of her children wearing crazy hats or expressions.

  • Halushki 

    "I have seen children flying and flitting through stores with such speedy and breakneck joie de vivre that it makes my heart ache for my own childhood...only for that fond reminiscence to come to a screaming halt when a kid trips and smacks his head (eyeball) on a display table."

    Why We Love It: This "Irish-Polish-Lithuanian-Italian-PA Dutch" mom blogger chronicles hilarious adventures in detail, making this laugh-out-loud blog one you'll definitely want to bookmark.

  • Baby Makin(g) Machine

    "When I bribe or threaten my baby to come out it doesn't mean I don't believe she won't come out when she's ready... I know she will, but that doesn't mean I won't try to make her ready. [...] I'm sure she doesn't MIND being fashionably late for the sake of putting on a few extra pounds and lots of locks. This is my daughter we're talking about."

    Why We Love It: Jennifer, a.k.a. Future Mama, is absolutely AH-dorable. She kicked off her blog last year with posts pondering whether she and her husband of five years (both of them are in their 20s--fresh, young, and breath still smelling like Similac!) should get pregnant. Baby Makin(g) Machine is about her journey from young wife to pregnant young mom-to-be. We love the innocence of her posts; she genuinely thinks about every angle of conception, pregnancy, and motherhood, and invites her readers to give her advice on everything from how to keep the grandparents in check to whether she should be a stay-at-home mom to the "push" gifts she wants from the hubs.

    Read more of Jennifer Johnson's posts on Project Pregnancy!

  • The Family Room

    "For the sake of clarity, he's on the autism spectrum; autistic if you prefer. Still is, probably always will be. We're not talking recovery or magical thinking here. His autism is a part of him, as much as his sandy hair, his brown eyes, his impish sense of humor."

    Why We Love It: Susan's generous spirit, intelligence, and craft set whatever she writes aglow, especially when she writes about her son and his autism.

  • Swistle

    "I went out to hang a load of laundry on the line. I am sort of relishing saying that. Like saying 'I went out to pick black raspberries for breakfast.' It has elements of both idyll and righteousness: I am Mother, and I am serene and lovely as I go about my simple and lovely daily household tasks."

    Why We Love It: Swistle has a way of explaining something that makes everyone, even if they disagree with her point, totally understand where she's coming from. Also, she's hilarious.

  • Mandajuice

     "I'm still getting used to the new routine, one week on and one week off at a time. The weeks without the kids are all about me, which makes me feel strangely guilty and self-indulgent, but Note To Self: you live alone now. Who else are the lonely weeks going to be about? The dog?"

    Why We Love It: Based out of Washington, Amanda is honest, upfront, and hilarious, and offers great words of wisdom and adorable photos of her two kids.

  • Suburban Turmoil

    "My children's birthdays are a month apart, which meant we had back-to-back birthday parties at the rat lair, otherwise known as Chuck E. Cheese. I have made my distaste for Chuck E. known, which is probably why both my kids love it so much. TO TORTURE ME."

    Why We Love It: Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, former television writer and producer Lindsay Ferrier writes about her blended family (one daughter, one son, and two teenage step-daughters) with honesty and wit.

  • A Life Less Ordinary?

    "A local parent who disseminates all manner of autism-related information and misinformation had circulated an email with a SafeMinds headline asserting that "scientific evidence" had emerged linking autism, vaccines, and mercury. Suppressing the impulse to hurl all over the beach towels at the prospect of yet another mole to whack (or, more unlikely, something valid to grapple with), I asked what the gist of the 'evidence' was."

    Why We Love It: Emily is a scientist, homeschooler, and fearless thinker who relentlessly explodes assumptions about parenting and autism.

  • My Life in Transition

    "As my mom says, the worrying won't completely stop since that is a part of a mother's job. [...] Why can't I just be one of those calm, relaxed, not-a-care-in-the-world people? Can you buy that type of personality?"

    Why We Love It: This new mom chronicles her life in detailed posts describing everyday encounters and (lots!) of adorable photos.

  • Tere Tere 

    "I might be slipping, figuring that the next step is to spend my next free Saturday night glued to the TV, watching depressing movies, pigging out on pizza, Fruit Loops and Capri Sun -- so that I can be a complete cliche. Oh, I kid. That's not gonna happen. Who ever heard of a mother having a free Saturday night?"

    Why We Love It: Tere is raw, honest, funny, and daring. She writes about the things that mostly stay in the folds of our own brains -- our wants, our foibles, our desire to improve ourselves. She has written candidly about her marriage, her divorce, and her child. We have traveled with her through her fears and her joys.

  • Spanglish Baby

    "In this mission to raise her bilingual, I am guilty of using certain words in English for their simplicity and ease in memorizing them. Am I doing something wrong? Sometimes it's just that I simply don't remember the word in Spanish; other times it's that the word in Spanish is much longer and therefore harder for a two-year-old to pronounce."

    Why We Love It: Roxana and Ana run one of the most informative and thoughtful sites on the Web. They share their own stories about raising bilingual children in the U.S. and they pull together the best experts in the field of language and family out there. Spanglishbaby is a beautiful and thriving community that reaches not just Latinos, but anyone who is raising a bilingual child. 

  • Creating Motherhood

    "Um. Yeah. W is totally that kid. He made several kids cry at Ikea this weekend. (Yes I go there often. It has a free indoor play area and it is air conditioned and I can usually convince friends to join me there. AKA: please hold W so I can pee.)"

    Why We Love It: She is a single parent by choice, living with her mother and (until recently) her grandmother--four generations together. She is funny and sassy and has a huge heart. We love her parenting posts about raising her son, but we also love her posts about her grandmother who had Alzheimer's and passed away this year.

  • Vodka Mom 

    "Anyone want to adopt two girls? They're only slightly used, potty trained and eat only when forced. (Make sure you've got plenty of ranch dressing and hot sauce.)"

    Why We Love It: This is the blog you go-to when you need to chuckle, only you will be laughing in full guffaws before you leave. Short but hilarious/poignant posts consistently.

  • Dooce

    "The woman who sold us this house used to let a bobcat sleep in the shed. A bobcat who seemed nice because it purred. She told us this after she had walked us through the house to 'explain' a few things. Only, later we found out that all those explanations were lies. So we started to think that maybe it was a mythical bobcat. Which, hey. That's kind of awesome."

    Why We Love It: Not exactly an undiscovered gem, but it has been a joy reading about the birth of her second child, her unexpectedly med-free birth and her struggle not to fall into postpartum depression (She was committed after her first child). No one does zany tinged with sweetness better.

  • Into the Woods, Living Deliberately

    "When you have a special needs kid you begin the race of parenting with one hand tied behind your back, no map of the course, and a delayed start. There are no books which have been able to help me parent my particular child. They have all been too cheesy, or too sad, or too assuming, except perhaps My Baby Rides the Short Bus."

    Why We Love It: Jennifer never retreats from the realities of parenting a child with multiple disabilities, nor does she hesitate to share her life's hard-won sweetness. She makes readers want to be her best friend.

  • Smitten Kitchen

    "These are not bad problems to have; "Woe is me! My peaches are too juicy!" doesn't exactly make a room nod in sympathy but the week I made the mistake of letting the peaches go a whole 48 hours uneaten the only thing left to with the misshapen lot was to bake them."

    Why We Love It: Smitten Kitchen is a beautiful, photography-rich recipe site -- but it's so much more. Before sharing recipes that are simple enough that anyone can do it, but fancy enough to make you feel like a true gourmet, Deb writes really witty background on the recipes which can range from the history of the dish, to where she first had it, and why she was inspired to make it, to why it's just the best dish to have.

  • Not That You Asked 

    "I was going back to work after having said eleven-week old and the pantyhose was a last-ditch effort at getting my pants on without my thighs exploding from them all Incredible Hulk-style. (I had to go out the next day and buy three pairs of pants in a jaw-droppingly large size.) (It sucked.)"

    Why We Love It: Emily can turn a small insignificant anecdote into the funniest story you've ever heard. If you need a laugh, you are guaranteed one here. She can make pretty much any topic hilarious, and makes no bones about the fact that parenting is the most frustrating job in the world.

  • From Here to There and Back

    "If I could ease one thing for my son, it would be the disconnect between his brain and his body. The way one doesn't always follow the other's directions. It wouldn't take away his fear, but it would go a long way toward enabling him to master the things he still can't do--like scaling the u-bars on the playground, or riding a bike, or playing little league on the big field."

    Why We Love It: Kristen's clean, crisp style underscores the heartache and stark joys of mothering a son with invisible disabilities.

  • The Arthur Clan

    "There are many locations in this beautiful country of ours that I look forward to seeing with my family in the future as well. But there is nothing (absolutely nothing!) like pulling back into our driveway whether I've only been gone for a few hours, a day or a week. And just being...home."

    Why We Love It: If a picture is worth 1,000 words, the Arthur Clan is War and Peace. This is a totally delicious blog about the family of photographer Angie Arthur, told in pictures. Her posts can be heartfelt, funny, sweet, and always beautiful, especially when she trains her lens on her four beautiful children.

  • BagMomma

    "Five years later, five miscarriages later, I wake up in the morning with the same thought, each and every day... just around the time I am staring into a mirror and putting on my makeup... 'Is this sadness ever going to leave me?'"

    Why We Love It:
    She is funny and self-deprecating, but she is also serious and thought-provoking. She can put into words that anger we all feel from time to time about the unfairness of life, which we think is an amazing talent.

  • Irene Nam

    "Some days I wonder. If balance is something that has to be achieved, or is experienced ever so briefly whenever I find pure joy in the little details and ordinary moments that collectively provide a glimpse of what a fulfilling, imperfect, authentic and happy life truly is."

    Why We Love It:
    Irene is a photographer and writer based in Paris, France. Although English is actually her third language, she is astonishingly fluent (almost poetic), chronicling her life with her twin boys with frankness and poignancy. A beautiful site.

  • Still Life with Circles

    "Lucy shows up a lot in our conversations now. Just ordinary conversations about the boy/girl ratio in our family, or who looks like whom. I love those moments when it feels like Lucy is living a normal life with us. And it hits me that I have three children, not just the two I am looking at. Not that I ever forget Lucy-girl, it is just easy to get wrapped up in the two whose butts I am wiping."

    Why We Love It: This blog is written by a talented writer who covers her living daughter, the death of her second daughter, and now her current pregnancy. Reading her blog is like eating a dense, protein-rich meal. You always leave full.

  • Love That Max

    "I know why you are giving us that look. You feel bad for my child: Poor little boy. He is so cute, too bad he has some sort of disability, which is clear to see because he is drooling. He can't quite use his hands. [...] You feel bad for me, too: Poor woman, she has a child with special needs. Her life must be so difficult. But that sympathetic look you are giving us is making me uncomfortable."

    Why We Love It: This inspiring and informative blog is written by a mom whose son has cerebral palsy. From dispelling misconceptions about parents of special needs kids to describing Max's everyday adventures, this blog is honest and beautifully written.

  • Tea & Honey Bread

    "I reflected on the twenty-two birthdays Favorite Guy and I have shared together and the family we've created, thinking how young we both were, and my heart sank. Ack! We were Jordan's age! In a moment of clarity magnified by the tears welling behind my camera lens, I realized that my leading man- the one before me, cheeks puffed to exaggerated capacity for a single candle-is someone's 'boy'."

    Why We Love It: She's thoughtful, her words are beautiful, her ideas are creative, and we adore her insight into life as a mom, a wife, and an all-around artist and thinker.

  • This is Worthwhile

    "I parent Hollis with a keen memory of my own experiences as a shy child and also with the educational awareness of a counselor -- I want very badly not to project my own childhood personality (and issues) onto him -- I want him to navigate this world as Hollis, not as Jessica's Son, so when I knew he was going to protest me leaving I was truly torn."

    Why We Love It:
    Jessica has captured the sandwich generation dilemma perfectly -- the heart ache of care facilities and cost; the impossible balance of caring for child and home and trying to be a reliable support for a grandmother; feeling the need to give back to your aging relative some of the love she showered on you growing up. Jessica takes you on her journey with great prose, great pics and great heart.

  • Is There Any Mommy Out There?

    "In the beginning, I utilized their new found need to turn everything into a race -- from sitting down at the dinner table to getting their pajamas on -- to my advantage. [...] That quickly backfired, becoming dangerous, what with the pushing on the stairs, and the screaming tantrums thrown by whichever two children failed, for whatever reason, to complete the assigned task first."

    Why We Love It: Stacey is such a treat to read. She is so very clever; her poignant posts tug at the emotions -- make you laugh, cry, nod your head furiously in agreement when she writes about her journey as a mom of four, all under age 6, including an adopted daughter from Haiti. She hits all the right notes, and always manages to include an emotional "a ha!" moment in her pieces, whether they're about the crazy antics of her children, or the frustrations of living out of the country with kids, or her deep and abiding love of her husband, whose support was pitch perfect as the two dealt with the in-vitro loss of one of their twins.

  • This Place is Now a Home

    "The challenges of sex at this point in pregnancy do not make for the most romantic, amazing experience ever, but we still had some fun. It's quite difficult, though, to clear your head of non-sexy thoughts. You know, things like mucous plugs..."

    Why We Love It: This is a blog written by husband and wife (he said, she said format). It's great to hear things from a male perspective. The authors are very descriptive and great at interacting with the readers (i.e. asking questions at the end of each post).

  • Like a Shark

    "Back when she was little and I was convinced that she had --ahem-- speech delay -- we were going through evaluations and diagnosis. The evaluator at the time gave me vague and terse and mysterious answers to my quivery questions. To say that the professionals involved were unskilled at bedside manner would be an understatement. They scared the holy hell out of me."

    Why We Love It: Francine writes with a force that spears your heart on her stylus. Yet she's smart, warm, witty, and beyond fabulous.

  • Evenshine

    "Yes, I still want another head to wash in the bath at night, baby curls encrusted with the day's leavings. I want to rock with another sweaty head on my shoulder in the wee hours, to calm the fears of another sleepless one."

    Why We Love It: Evenshine is poetic, thoughtful, funny, and honest. You can always laugh, or ponder, or relax when reading her writing, which can be about anything to her longing for another child, to her students, to news and pop culture.

  • Bread 'Em and Weep

    "My life now: I wince easily. I flinch. I duck. I double over. I gasp at what I find, and cry at what I can no longer find. I hold my own truth up to the light. Sometimes, I can see right through it. Sometimes, it blocks out the sun."

    Why We Love It: Berkshire mom and successful playwright Jennifer Mattern has been writing poetry and comical musings on this thoughtful blog since 2005.

  • Ali Edwards 

     "When I wake up on Monday morning, instead of finding a clean house and an organized work space, I'll find a heart full of great memories from this past weekend."

    Why We Love It: Ali Edwards is a life artist and scrapbooker extraordinaire. A mother of two, her blog is chock-full of examples of how to capture the small special moments of your life, though photography and both digital and traditional scrapbooking, interspersed with her own thoughts and musings on her own life.

  • Maybe If You Just Relax...

    "The easiest way to screw up your baby's awesome sleep habits is to talk about how awesome they are. At the beginning of July, we were visiting with friends who asked about how well Olivia sleeps. Doesn't everyone? 'Is she a good sleeper?' 'Does she sleep through the night?' Because they want to know if your baby is good or bad."

    Why We Love It: The author is painfully honest with a sarcastic humorous tone about the reality of parenthood. She says what most mothers are afraid to say out loud, and further explains her thoughts through funny photos.

  • Girl's Gone Child 

    "Last week I noticed my license was weeks expired. A shocking realization to some but for me it was more like, 'Oh look! I'm late again,' because that's kind of what I do best. Poor Hal, who has decorated our house with calendars; who personally texts me daily tasks so that I don't forget to take our son to the dentist or, you know, school."

    Why We Love It: Hip L.A. mom Rebecca Woolf writes LOL-funny posts on beauty, healthy eating, and her transition from a rock-and-roll lifestyle to motherhood.

  • Execumama

    "Ever wish your stomach didn't look like it needed a good hot iron and some spray starch to get the wrinkles (bka stretch marks) out? Me too, chile! We birthed babies, our bodies changed, and then we were left standing in our mirrors thinking, 'How the hell am I supposed to feel about this?' I struggle with it at times."

    Why We Love It:
    This mom blogger chronicles her work/life balance as a young mom and wife. Her motto is that we CAN do it all. She does a really nice mix of written posts and vlogging, and sometimes even lets her daughters take the reigns.

    Meet our 10 favorite bloggers for 2010