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Must-Read Moms

  • All & Sundry

    Linda Sharps has been documenting her family life "since blogs were called online journals," she says. She, her husband, and their two sons live in Seattle.

    Why We Love Her: Linda's writing completely intimidates us, it's THAT good. We love how she manages to be so eloquent, honest and hilarious at the same time.


  • Following Elias

    Alaska mom Christy Everett's son was born a 1-pound 12-ounce preemie. Two years later, as he was learning to crawl, she started her blog. "This is not the story I wanted to write," she says. "But now, I can't imagine an alternative."

    Why We Love Her: As mom to Elias (born at 24 weeks) and a new little full-term baby named Olive, Christy really makes an effort to craft her entries. We really admire the grace with which she handles life's challenges.


  • The Mom Slant

    Julie Marsh chronicles the raising of her three children with a bit of news, religion, opinion, and whatnot else thrown in. 

    Why We Love Her: She tells it like it is, but manages to talk about the many ups and downs of being a mom to three small children with humor, finesse and an unfailing dose of reality.


  • Weebles Wobblog

    Lori Holden became a mom after travels, as she puts it, "through Infertilistan and Adoptonia." Her family lives in Denver.

    Why We Love Her: Lori is an absolutely brilliant adoption blogger.  She offers sensible and great parenting advice -- and constantly opens our eyes to new ideas within adoption.


  • Lesbian Dad

    As a non-biological gay mom, Polly Pagenhart found few role models. So, "like in Harold and the Purple Crayon, I drew myself a boat."

    Why We Love Her: She's smart and funny and we often find that her insights on parenting are undeniably universal, albeit framed in her own unique voice. She writes about how our differences are really mostly the same.


  • This Woman's Work

    After Dawn Friedman's daughter came into her life, her blog became a forum for how open adoption plays out in families.

    Why We Love Her: Refreshingly candid, Dawn offers a unique perspective on open adoptions, chronicling both her personal and political struggles through this emerging parenting arena.


  • Black and Married with Kids

    Ronnie and Lamar Tyler are 30-something professionals who live in Washington, DC, with their four children. Their blog's mission: "To celebrate black marriage and parenting."

    Why We Love Them: Through short but poignant posts, this site is offers parenting and relationship advice to black parents who are married, in relationships or just looking to make meaningful connections. It's universal, beautiful and unmistakably meaningful.


  • Impersonating Normal

    Eve Kuckuck's blog started as a jaunty response to years spent trying to conceive. Now she has the hard-won title of mother of two. "That leaveth not much time for the Internet these days," she writes.

    Why We Love Her: Eve takes the serious subject of infertility and makes it funny. She is sensitive towards her readers but is still able to engage them -- seamlessly channeling the minds of what other infertile woman are thinking.


  • Losangelista

    Though living in the City of Angels, Liz Dwyer calls herself "your average Black/Irish Midwesterner."

    Why We Love Her: Los Angelista covers the full range of Liz's life -- from the inane to the important in news and life in L.A. Her perspective as a Bi-racial woman, mother and writer is always witty, honest and personal.


  • Speak Softly

    In 2006, Vicki Forman's essay, "The Mother at the Swings," swept around the Internet, especially among mothers of special-needs children. Here, she looks back.

    Why We Love Her: Vicki shares her life's intertwined beauty and terrible sorrows with a bewitching, shimmering honesty.