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Our Mommy Blog Faves: Starting the New Year Off Right

  • From We Seek Joy

    We Seek Joy
    N'tima started the year away from the usual "New Year, New You," mantra. In her post, An Ode to my Postpartum Body, she tells everyone why she loves her body now more than ever: "My body made me a mother." Get out the tissues.

  • From The Makerista

    The Makerista
    Gwen takes her crafting, designing and decorating to another level with an oddly sized, repurposed storage area in this week's feature: Making a Home: Turning a Storage Area into a Kid's Space. She and husband Micah gave the kids a bright space to play in this year by utilizing a previously cluttered room.

  • From Sandy a la Mode

    Sandy a la Mode
    Sandy, a self-proclaimed left-brain science and math type, has flexed her creative muscle on Sandy a la Mode since planning her own wedding in 2009. This week's feature, New Year's Goals for 2014, lists a mix of goals like cutting back spending and teaching her toddler, Austin, to be as fluent in Chinese as he is in English.

  • Kristen Clayville,

    Coordinately Yours
    Julie, mom of three and voice behind Coordinately Yours, is a force of creative-planning genius. But her true act of magic was making family photos fun for the entire family! She describes how she managed to keep her three young girls entertained throughout the process and come back with lovely photos in this week's feature, Our Winter Family Photos: Family Photo Tips.

  • From DIY Inspired

    DIY Inspired
    In a post-holiday clean-up, Dinah jumps right into the new year by reorganizing her craft supplies, her daughter's crafts and her daughter's toys. She describes the journey in Craft Storage and Organization Ideas with All Access.