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Our Mommy Blog Faves: Creative Solutions

  • From Living on Grace

    Living on Grace
    Amanda of Living on Grace is a mom of two who writes about running, faith, knitting, gardening, and parenting. Like all parents behind mommy blogs, Amanda faced the challenge of a teething baby, but she tried a different approach to soothing her little one: a sleep-saving recipe for homemade teething biscuits (you're welcome).

  • From Heart of Deborah

    Heart of Deborah
    Lauren, the writer of Heart of Deborah, discusses faith and parenting. This week she has combined her experiences as a teacher and mom into a list of suggestions for raising responsible kids, including ways to create enforceable limits.

  • From Maddie Moes

    Maddie Moes
    Over at Maddie Moes, Janice writes about her family and inspirations. Like Elizabeth, Janice is dealing with a bunch of kiddos getting stir crazy indoors. She and the kids came up with a handful of creative activities to keep them busy.

  • From Yellow Finch

    Yellow Finch
    Elizabeth is a writer and editor who gives updates on her personal life and family at Yellow Finch. She was running out of ways to entertain her kids during a string of snow days home from school until she turned to a good record and laughter for a relaxing afternoon with the family.

  • From The Dempster Logbook

    The Dempster Logbook
    Becky, voice of The Dempster Logbook, blogs about faith and family life. She, like our other mommy bloggers, was looking for a way to keep her kids busy. Becky had her daughters create heart art that she later used to decorate her mantel for Valentine's Day.