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Our Mommy Blog Faves: It's the Simple Things

  • From Simple Savvy

    Simple Savvy
    Alia at Simple Savvy takes a nostalgic approach to toys in this post. She swears by these wood toys that she says are toddler-proof and safe from dangerous dyes. They're cute and durable, and they help develop fine motor skills. What's not to love?

  • From Dugans InCahoots

    Dugans InCahoots
    Cari of Dugans InCahoots gives voice to what many parents (and assorted other busy folk) feel when confronted with a less-than-pristine home and incoming guests. The main idea: If I have to spend hours cleaning, "we can't be friends."

  • From Along Abbey Road

    Along Abbey Road
    With many other mom blogs stuck indoors because of cold weather and snow, Abbey's post on Along Abbey Road describes a breath of fresh air, literally. She and the family ventured outdoors for a scootering adventure.

  • From Since I Became a Mom

    Since I Became a Mom
    Cheryl, voice behind Since I Became a Mom, and her family make monthly service projects a priority. Even a less-than-enthusiastic child later declared that a recent experience packing meals for needy children was "cool."

  • From J is for Jessica

    J is for Jessica
    J is for Jessica's namesake came up with a list of five ways to help a new mom. These are simple ideas to help the new mom in your life with her transition to motherhood. Spoiler alert: Sleep is one of the first on the list!