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Our Mommy Blog Faves: Polishing Up Home, Self & Memories

  • From Miss Kitty and the Bears

    Miss Kitty and the Bears
    Before her first baby arrives, Sarah, of Miss Kitty and the Bears, and her husband took a road trip. She added their adventure to an unfinished scrapbook and deemed it complete. Her post has us searching for our crafting tools and hoping she will create more scrapbooks for us to flip through.

  • From Small Notebook

    Small Notebook
    Cleaning your bedroom can seem like an annoyance, but when you're a 5-year-old with lots of toys, it can be just plain daunting. Rachel at Small Notebook put together a system with her daughter that we think you'll want to try out.

  • From Hello Fashion

    Hello Fashion
    Christine runs the blog Hello Fashion. As a first-time expectant mother and fashion entrepreneur, her list of maternity essentials is adorable and practical. After this post, we hope she will add a "mommy" section to her blog!

  • From View Along the Way

    View Along the Way
    In an act of trial and error, Kelly at View Along the Way decorated a partial wall in her kitchen with a mural of photos. The family photos and prints are accented perfectly with the variety of frame sizes and colors.

  • From Primitive and Proper

    Primitive and Proper
    It may be for a young girl, but the bedroom Cassie at Primitive and Proper put together for her daughter looks like a dream room! The eclectic mix of vintage patterns and colorful modern pieces is fun, quirky, and bright. It is a room her daughter will be able to enjoy for years as she grows up.