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Our Mommy Blog Faves: Balancing Work & Home

  • From Adventures as Mrs. Janney

    Adventures as Mrs. Janney
    Battling her working-mom guilt, Adventures as Mrs. Janney's Natalie left work early to introduce her son to snow. With a blanket, husband and baby in tow, they headed to a snowy clearing. The afternoon was filled with fun memories and adorable pictures, of course.

  • From Jolly Mom

    Jolly Mom
    Jolly Mom, Piera, put together five developmental activities for babies, most of which you can do with items already in the house. Like other mommy bloggers, she decided to use fun little additions that are playful and not tedious for parents and for baby.

  • From The Healthy Doctor

    The Healthy Doctor
    Carolyn, voice behind The Healthy Doctor, is a physician and mom trying to balance her life at work and at home. Her post with a letter from a stay-at-home mom to a working mom and vice versa is an empowering thumbs-up to each type of parent (cue Katy Perry's "Roar").

  • From Southern Girl Ramblings

    Southern Girl Ramblings
    Entertaining kids in a grocery store is a problem that has plagued moms for generations. Southern Girl Ramblings' Kecia took a stab at the problem and put together 12 ways to keep the kids involved with shopping, and if all goes well, out of the cookie aisle!

  • From This Mama Loves

    This Mama Loves
    Dr. Seuss' birthday is this week (March 2). If cooking green eggs and ham isn't your style, celebrate the beloved author's works with activities and snacks created by Brett on This Mama Loves that were inspired by Seuss' book "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish."