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Our Mommy Blog Faves: Tips and Toys

  • From Twin Cities Moms Blog

    Twin Cities Moms Blog
    Nealy takes on the problem of toy clutter on Twin Cities Moms Blog. After Christmas and two birthdays in January, her kids have new toys everywhere. Check out her five tips on toy rotation. Our favorite tip: Donate, there's nothing like spreading the good fortune and teaching children to give.

  • From Jen Loves Kev

    Jen Loves Kev
    Over at Jen Loves Kev, Jen walks readers through a tutorial on screen-printed family T-shirts. You don't need a printing press, just freezer paper and a few other simple supplies. A bonus in the post is a lineup of adorable family photos modeling the shirts.

  • From The Little Things We Do

    The Little Things We Do
    Lauren writes a letter to Fern, her newly 2-year-old daughter, on her blog The Little Things We Do. It's a lovely story filled with all of Fern's current habits and quirks. Lauren wrote a follow-up post about all the events on Fern's second birthday, which was quite the busy day for a toddler, which featured a special outfit.

  • From Girls Gone CHild

    Girls Gone Child
    Rebecca, of Girls Gone Child, shares the sweet tale of taking her daughter Bo to the beach to see the ocean one afternoon. The post features photos of how amazed the tiny tot was and Rebecca's thoughts on how Bo helps her see the beautiful things in the world she wouldn't normally stop to notice.

  • From Bunny and Dolly's

    Bunny and Dolly's
    Bunny and Dolly's series on being pregnant features a heartbreaking and inspiring post by Dear Vixen's Catherine. In her Q&A, Catherine speaks to her excitement and fear involved in her current pregnancy: She is pregnant after having two miscarriages in one year. The series features contributions from several mommy bloggers.