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24 Perfect Books for Every Kid

  • If your child is an action & adventure junkie, turn her on to international espionage with...

    Artemis Fowl
    By Eoin Colfer
    Ages 9 and up
    A teenage criminal mastermind is the star of this series set in a world of fairies and mythical creatures.

  • Or a really great mystery with...

    The 39 Clues
    By Various Authors
    Ages 9 to 12
    A romp around the world and through history as two kids (and the reader) try to solve a mystery that spans ten books.

  • And don't forget a far-flung tale like...

    Geronimo Stilton
    By Geronimo Stilton
    Ages 9 to 12
    This series about a globe-trotting news-mouse and publisher of The Rodent Gazette is packed with funny and unpredictable exploits.

  • Or books with comic-style illustrations, such as...

    The Adventures of Captain Underpants
    By Dav Pilkey
    Ages 7 to 10
    Kids can't get enough of this hysterical series featuring superheroes in underwear.

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  • If he can't get enough of skeletons, try...

    Skulduggery Pleasant
    By Derek Landy
    Ages 8 to 12
    A dead detective gets big laughs as he solves mysteries.

  • And if he's into monsters, offer...

    The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids
    By Debbie Dadey and Marcia Jones
    Ages 7 to 10
    A light series featuring vampires, ghosts, and goblins.

  • Or maybe this goofy read...

    The Zack Files
    By Dan Greenburg
    Ages 7 to 10
    Out-of-this-world fun in a series that spoofs horror books.

  • And if grown-ups are alien, give...

    Junie B. Jones
    By Barbara Park
    Ages 4 to 8
    This series offers a hilarious little girl's perspective on starting school and making friends.

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  • If she finds the world of fantasy irresistible and especially likes dragons, consider...

    The Fire Within
    By Chris d'Lacey
    Ages 9 to 12
    start your dragon lover out on this five-book series and you won't hear from him again until September.

  • ...along with this feminine fire-breather...

    Dragon Slippers
    By Jessica Day George
    Ages 9 to 12
    A girl goes after dragon gold but ends up with dragon shoes instead in this three-book series.

  • And if she's in that princess phase, try...

    The Princess Tales
    By Gail Carson Levine
    Ages 7 and up
    These slim but clever first chapter books are a new twist on favorites like Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.

  • Or this one about fairies...

    The Spiderwick Chronicles
    By Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black
    Ages 7 and up
    These books about the supernatural feel and read like big-time chapter books.

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  • If he's into all sports all the time and is gearing up for gridiron season, toss him...

    Million-Dollar Throw
    By Mike Lupica
    Ages 9 to 12
    An entertaining football novel with great lessons about friendship.

  • Still wound up about the World Cup, try...

    By Edward Bloor
    Ages 9 to 12
    Soccer is the topic but life is the subject of this rich Southern fiction.

  • And if he can joke about the game, pass along...

    Airball: My Life in Briefs
    By L.D. Harkrader
    Ages 9 to 12
    A coach motivates a losing team with an Emperor's New Clothes ploy.

  • Old-time sports fans will love...

    The Journal of Biddy Owens
    By Walter Dean Myers
    Ages 9 to 12
    Baseball meets civil rights in this historical-fiction account of a player in the Negro Leagues.

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  • If he enjoys and good animal tale and is a budding activist, give...

    Legend of the Animal Healer: The Elephant's Tale
    By Lauren St. John
    Ages 9 to 12
    A mystical girl meets African wildlife.

  • Offer your cat lover...

    By Ursula K. Le Guin
    Ages 5 to 10
    Kittens with wings cause havoc for birds. A sweet beginner series.

  • ...and your horse-obsessed...

    The Georges and The Jewels
    By Jane Smiley
    Ages 9 to 12
    The acclaimed novelist's first book for kids.

  • For a dog lover, try...

    The Buddy Files
    By Dori Hillestad Butler
    Ages 4 to 8
    A dog detective will charm mystery fans in this funny, easy reading series for beginners.

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  • If you're raising a history buff who enjoys stories of daily life in another time, try...

    The Birchbark House
    By Louise Erdrich
    Ages 9 to 12
    A Native American version of life on the prairie by a well-known novelist.

  • Or this historical mystery...

    Peril at King's Creek
    By Elizabeth McDavid Jones
    Ages 9 to 12
    A gutsy colonial American Girl isn't about to sit around and sew samplers.

  • If she wonders about people in her schoolbooks, try...

    King George: What Was His Problem?
    By Steve Sheinkin
    Ages 9 to 12
    The humorous backstories of the American Revolutio

  • Or if she's curious about kids who had a hard life, give...

    The Liberation of Gabriel King
    By K.L. Going
    Ages 9 to 12
    Racial tensions from a child's view in 1970s Georgia.


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