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Photographers' Favorite Candid Kid Photos

  • Terry Doyle

    Free Spirit

    “My daughter, Annali, has always had a bold and brazen and adventurous spirit. She has never been one to shy away from exploration (sometimes to my chagrin!). And this is the reason that I love this picture. It captures Annali's extroverted and fearless nature. We were upstate, and she had just cut her brow and cheek from jumping across a stream and slipping on a rock. We then decided to go on a nature walk using the magnifying glass that we had for ‘tick checks.’ Annali grabbed the magnifying glass, and she and her good friend Nova, took off in the long grass looking for what? Nature, adventure, freedom. It doesn't really matter. This picture captures, for me, the free spirits that children are, by nature, and Annali’s way of grabbing the moment and going for it...”

    -- Terry Doyle,

  • Lara Levine

    Tackle Time!

    “I was making coffee for my husband and myself on a lazy Sunday morning and got sidetracked when I heard bellowing giggles. I went into the bedroom to find my two baby boys tackling my husband. The look on his face is was pure joy. Every time I see this picture I melt. I love these guys so much.”  

    -- Lara Levine-Lipof,

  • Tropher Cox

    Mutual Admiration

    “I have two daughters, Daisy and Catie. Daisy is older and Catie, younger. They are best friends. They love to play together and make each other laugh. When I saw this it reminded me that even though they may fight from time to time, they really do love each other. Catie looks up to her big sister and Daisy takes care of her little sister.”

    -- Topher Cox,

  • Katherine Emery

    Little Bookworm

    “We could spend an entire day reading books. I don’t have many photos of us reading, because I am usually holding Tessa with one hand and have a book in the other.”

    -- Katherine Emery, 

  • Lucas Allen

    Mr. Determination

    “[This photo] reminds me so much of how Felix was just learning to crawl at the time and he was enjoying the feeling of grass under him, which is a rare occurrence for him, being a city dweller. I also really like how I shot it from really low down so that it emphasized how he's pushing up off the ground. He looks like he has a sense of achievement on his face.”

    -- Lucas Allen,

  • Katrina Dickson

    Shadow Play

    “It was early morning and the light was coming in strong, and for the first time my son noticed his shadow. He ran back and forth trying to outrun it, turning his head this way and that, and when he realized it was HIS shadow he became very quiet and looked at me. And I was so happy to be there for this discovery.” 

    -- Katrina Dickson,

  • Tara Sgroi

    Sleep Training

    “Lupo loves vehicles. He always has them around him, in his hands, in the bath & even in his bed. I love the idea that I've captured this, that as a 40 year-old man one day he'll have a record of his passion for wheels.”

    -- Tara Sgroi,

  • Jay Sinrod

    First Steps

    “This photo… captures perfectly the innocence, joy, and self-fulfillment of the moment my son took his first steps.”

    -- Jay Sinrod,

  • Robin Lehr


    “[This] one is so lovely ‘cause I can see her face so clearly, albeit a touch blurry (she's a fast monkey).”

    -- Robyn Lehr,

  • Travis Hugget


    “We set up a photo booth for the kids at Orson's first birthday party. I love this one, despite the fact that Orson hated that cowboy hat, and was about to pull it off, it looked like he just put it on and was thrilled about it.”

    -- Travis Huggett,