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Pinterest Inspired Birthday Parties



    Make caterpillars with pom-poms and pipe cleaners, and slip into mason jars (12-pack, $10; with leaf invites. How-to:


    Arty Party

    Add glitter-paper splats to custom palette invitations ($2 each; How-to:


    Lego Mania

    Construction paper and foam stickers are all you'll need. How-to:


    Get Buzzed

    Embellish jars, cups, and straws with printable templates ($20;


    Monster Craze

    Make a pin-the-eye(s)-on-the-monster game with poster board, crepe paper, and scrapbook paper. How-to:


    Alien Invasian

    Adorn cake pops with gummy lips. More info:

  • Lollipop Lovin'

    Add food coloring to cake layers, top with lollipops. More info:


    Cool Melt

    Use chocolate ganache and a waffle cone to top this ice cream cake. How-to:


    Sweet Shop

    Add texture to a simple white cake with crumbled rock candy. More info:


    Snap Happy

    Fill these DIY boxed cameras ($11 for template; with a surprise.


    Candy Craze

    Jazz up your basic lollipop with these cute covers (ten for 13;


    Wise Owl

    Spruce up a brown paper bag with cardstock. How-to:


    Paper Kisses

    Cut cardstock into a star and fold edges up to create a favor box. How-to: