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Preview the Parenting Ages and Stages iPhone App

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    Attention iPhone and iTouch users: solve all your parenting dilemmas on the go. The brand new Parenting Ages and Stages app is now available and best of all, it's free! Just go to your iPhone or iTunes App Store to get all the best of in the palm of your hand, with info on everything from stretch marks to breastfeeding, potty training, disciplining and more. Customize the app to match the stage in your pregnancy or the age of your child(ren). It's like having a parenting encyclopedia with you everywhere you go.

  • Upload a Photo
    Customize your experience by uploading your very own photo. Either take a new picture and update it periodically, or use one of your favorites from the iPhone photo gallery. This way, every time you are sleepily reading about bedtime rituals, you'll have a beautiful reminder that this little one really is worth it.

  • Search
    No matter what you are looking for, you can find what you need on our Ages and Stages app. Search for common parenting topics like potty training, breastfeeding, bedwetting or discipline and you'll fine all the most relevant and popular articles on the subject—without having to go online.

  • Pregnancy
    Expectant moms: get articles customized for your specific day of pregnancy. Week-by-week articles tell you how to combat morning sickness, what to do about stretch marks, the best foods for you and your growing baby, which birth tests are most important and more.

  • Ages & Stages
    If you are looking for information that's relevant to your children and your children only, plug in their birthdays into the Ages and Stages area. It's a custom-made place that's just for articles relevant to your child's stage.

  • First Year
    From breastfeeding to finger foods, gas to eczema, developmental milestones and more—you'll find all the info you need to survive year one of parenting.

  • Second Year
    The toddler years have begun, and the questions just keep on coming. Learn how to please the pickiest eaters, what to do about your mother-in-law, how to clear the clutter, why a bedtime routine can keep you sane and when to start potty training.

  • Early Years
    Years 2-5 can be amongst the most fun and the most challenging times of a parent's life. Talking? Check! Temper tantrums? Ugh. Find out how to get your little one to give up the pacifier, why discipline is so important (and how to handle it properly), how to get your kid of your bedroom—plus all other tricky dilemmas that come your way.

  • School Years
    Get easy on-the-go answers to topics like sibling rivalry, bedwetting, sex talk and any ongoing disciplinary challenges. Plus, learn all about school survival by reading about school lunches, homework hassles and social skills—with tips from teachers, parents and other experts.