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How to Plan a Princess Party

  • Rennai Hoefer

    Give the girls a glam princess makeover. Set up a styling station where you can curl hair and draw pink glitter hearts on cheeks with Snazaroo face paint ($8;

    Check out 61 Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas to find the perfect match for your princess.

  • Rennai Hoefer

    Bake batter in a Wonder Mold ($20; and an 8-inch round cake pan and let cool. Sandwich frosting between the two cakes and stack them to make a skirt shape. Wrap the doll's legs in plastic wrap and insert doll into top of cake. Decorate skirt with frosting and ribbon.

  • Rennai Hoefer

    Dip the rim of square plastic bottles (set of six, $9; in pink sugar and garnish with a paper straw (set of 144, $8;

  • Rennai Hoeffer

    Table Decor
    Jazz up your table with DIY place mats made from pink scrapbook paper, paper circles and wooden utensils (set of 12, $3; with glitter glued to the handles. Serve rock-candy sticks (set of 8, $6; on a platter.

  • Rennai Hoefer

    Create DIY crowns! Cut lace to desired length. Lay lace on wax paper. Spread a thin layer of fabric stiffener over lace. Let dry until sticky. Repeat until stiff. Spray-paint crowns. Hot-glue the ends of the lace together.

  • Rennai Hoefer

    Download custom invites ($16) and attach to a felt wand ($14; with a ribbon. Seal envelopes with heart stickers ($5;

  • Rennai Hoefer

    Craft poms to hang from the ceiling and scatter on tables.

    Step 1

    Wrap tulle (65 yards, $10; around the width of a magazine 25 times and cut. Remove the magazine.

    Step 2

    Take a smaller piece of tulle and wrap a bow around the center of the bundle; secure. Cut the ends of the tulle.

    Step 3

    Puff out the edges until it forms a ball. Trim where necessary. Thread a string through each ball to secure.

  • Rennai Hoefer

    Shape sugar cookies with a star cookie cutter ($1; Top star cookies with pink frosting and edible glitter ($2; Insert a paper straw into warm cookie and seal with frosting.