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19 Quick 'n Healthy Heat-Up Meals

  • Brian Hagiwara

    Tasty bursts of hummus, cheese, peanut butter, and more, these bites are quick to heat up and fun to gobble down.

  • Hummus Among Us
    These mini-pitas stuffed with hummus are the perfect triumvirate of healthy, convenient, and kid-appealing. (Jeanette's Pita Snacks, $4.49)

  • Cool Bean
    South America's substantial snack has gone healthy with brown rice and red kidney beans. (Rico M. Panada Baked Empanadas, $2.99)

  • All Greek to Brie
    Luscious, sweet-savory phyllo rolls are cheesy and jammy -- kinda like the Jonas Brothers. (The Fillo Factory Brie & Raspberry Fillo Rolls, $6.49)

  • Spice is Right
    These Indian pastries with cilantro dipping sauce introduce kids to exotic flavors, though the spice is still as mellow as a long nap. Or so you'd think, if you actually took one. (Sukhi's Samosa & Chutney, $6.99)

  • Burrito Bite
    Pintos 'n' cheese blend to gooey perfection in these treats, which have a little bit of spice in every nibble. (Amy's Nacho Snacks, $3.69)

  • Spin-Off
    Best way ever to get your brood to eat spinach: Mix it with cheese and wrap it in a pastry. (Whole Kitchen Spanakopita, $5.99)

  • A Taste of Spring
    These fresh Asian rolls are stuffed with kid-friendlier veggies like sweet corn and carrots. (Blue Horizon Vegetable Spring Rolls, $4.99)

  • That's Amore
    This dinnertime regular doubles as a finger food. It cooks in a snap and has a yummy blend of Italian cheeses inside. (Buitoni Three Cheese Tortellini, $3.99)

  • Stick 'er Here
    Switch the fork for chopsticks so kids can try out their skills while scarfing these aromatic dumplings. (Ling Ling Chicken & Vegetable potstickers, $4.49)

  • PB&Yay!
    If your kid's a PB&J fiend, this pre-doctored sammy is a godsend when you're in a bind. We're crushing on the new wheat version, which has 16 grams of whole grains. (Smucker's Uncrustables, $3)

  • Little Dumplin'
    Imagine a kid who doesn't like potatoes whipped with four kinds of cheese, then stuffed into a pasta shell. Can't do it, can you? (Mrs. T's Mini Pierogies, $3.49)

  • Warm & Toasty
    Found: a healthy toaster pastry that's jammy and sweet, but not too sugary. (Amy's Toaster Pops in Strawberry, $1.99)

  • Pop a Pizza

    The next time they want a slice, try Amy's cheese-pizza toaster pastries; they're like savory, better-for-you Pop-Tarts. Plus, they're organic. (Amy's Cheese Pizza Toaster Pops, $3.99)

  • Starstruck

    There are four grams of protein in one serving of this pasta in a cheesy tomato sauce -- enough to hold a kid till dinner. (Annie's All Stars, $2.59)

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  • Go Clubbing

    These grilled mini-sandwiches will get high fives from your crew, and you'll be happy about the calcium boost. (Farm Rich Grilled Chicken Club Panini, $7.29)

  • Berry Good

    Here's a waffle (with a strawberry-filled center!) sweet enough to satisfy them but with enough whole grains to satisfy you. Less mess, too, if you skip the syrup. (Eggo Nutri-Grain Waffles, $2.99)

  • Mac Daddy

    Just add water and microwave this miniature Easy Mac for a just-right portion of the classic comfort food. (Kraft, 99 cents)

  • Green Giants

    These broccoli-and-cheddar nuggets are so good, the kids won't notice they're packed with vitamin-rich veggies. (MorningStar Farms Veggie Bites, $4.29)

  • Spice Girls (and Boys)

    When your kid's craving spice, pop a couple tasty chicken-and-cheese taco roll-ups in the microwave, wait a minute, and serve.(El Monterey Taquitos, $6.99)