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Quick 'n' Easy Kid Costumes

  • Scouring pads, a soda bottle, and other household stuff give you a deep-sea diver's duds. Just raid the cabinets and you'll find what you need.
    Scuba-Doo costume instructions

  • Jim Bastardo

    Goldfish Girl
    Just add paper-plate fins and ribbon trim to a bright sweatshirt for this little swimmer. The crowning touch: Ping-pong balls for underwater eyes!
    Goldfish Girl costume instructions

  • Jim Bastardo

    Enchanted Princess 
    Every mom thinks her daughter's a princess—that's what makes this costume a perfect fit! It's absolutely magical how a tablecloth and some tulle can transform your little girl.

    Enchanted Princess costume instructions

  • Jim Bastardo

    You won't have to conjure up any complicated sewing abilities to create this number. Your child will cast a charming spell in a costume made from pillowcases!

    Wizard costume instructions

  • Tamara Muth-King

    Simply snip some petals out of brightly colored felt, and glue them to your baby's bonnet. Then dress her up in green, and go play FTD at the neighbors!

    Flower costume instructions

  • Tamara Muth-King

    An old-fashioned mop is the star of this grrreat getup. Pair it with tan clothes for a ferociously cute costume.

    Baby Lion costume instructions