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24 Safest Booster Seats

  • best booster seat aida explorer

    The Aida Explorer is a top pick for booster seats for many reasons. This booster seat meets all of the federal requirements for safety to give you peace of mind while running errands or heading the car pool. But even with top of the line safety features, the Aida Explorer does not sacrifice style or convenience. The lightweight design makes it easy to transfer the seat to different cars if needed, and the cute green and white pattern is sure to brighten your day. (Amazon, $79)

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  • best booster seat britax frontier g1

    The Britax Frontier G1 uses SafeCell technology which makes it a top pick for safety. This booster seat goes above and beyond the standard safety regulation to ensure that your child won’t be at risk for harm in this seat, and the harness car seat to booster seat transformation means you can use it for multiple stages and ages. From the impact absorbing base to the side impact protection to keep your child’s head and neck secure the Britax Frontier G1 is made with the safety of your child in mind. (Walmart, $255)

  • best booster seat britax pioneer

    We love Britax car seats for their SafeCell Impact Protection, which exceeds federal safety regulation and gives you peace of mind to think of other features. Like the fact that this booster seat easily converts from a harness seat for toddlers to a booster seat for older kids. Not to mention the removable cover makes the Britax Pioneer super easy to clean. (Buy Buy Baby, $167)

  • best booster seat chicco go fit

    The Chicco GoFit is the perfect solution if you find that your child is in an awkward stage where they can sit with a seat belt but still need a booster seat. Lightweight and easily portable the Chicco GoFit is easily transferred between cars making it a great choice if you find you often have to change vehicles. (Target, $40)

  • best booster seat diono hip

    The Diono Hip booster seat is a great option for children from 4-12 years old and it won’t break the bank. With full body side impact protection, reinforced head support, and a contoured seat you can be sure that your child is safe in this booster. The six height positions and the easy conversion to a backless booster makes it a top choice for a booster seat that will grow with your child. (Walmart, $39)

  • best booster seat evenflo amp

    The Evenflo Amp booster seat is perfect for children who never seem to stop growing. With six height positions and a removable back, this booster seat grows with your child. The washable cover is kid-proof and the seat comes with two cup holders for easy access to snacks or drinks. (Target, $33)

  • best booster seat evenflo platinum symphony

    If you’re looking for a car seat that will grow with your baby, the Evenflo Platinum Symphony is one of the best options. Approved for infants and toddlers, the Evenflo Platinum Symphony is one of the best booster seats and best car seats. Especially when you consider the standards Evenflo has for their products —exceeding industry standards, the Evenflo Platinum Symphony is without a doubt one of the safest booster seats currently on the market. (Amazon, $300)

  • best booster seat graco slimfit

    This Graco Slimfit 3-in-1 convertible car seat goes from a rear-facing car seat, to a forward-facing car seat, to a belt positioning booster, making it not only a top safety choice but a great investment for your family. If you have multiple seats in your car at one time this is a great option. The seat is 10% slimmer than the leading models, saving precious back seat space. (Walmart, $173)

  • best booster seat harmony dreamtime deluxe

    If you are looking for a no-nonsense booster seat for your child, the Harmony Dreamtime is a great choice. Whether you choose to use this booster seat with the back or without, the Harmony Dreamtime is one of the safest booster seats on the market. It even comes with a shoulder belt guide so there’s no question whether or not you’re installing the seat correctly, and you can have the piece of mind knowing your child is safe. (Jet, $35)

  • best booster seat safety first grow and go

    Even the brand name suggests safety comes first with this booster seat. This convertible car seat to booster seat uses Superior Safety Air Protect for optimum side protection for your child. Even with the optimum safety regulations, the Grow and Go Air is compact and easy to use in any size car. (Kohls, $200)

  • best booster seat maxi cosi rodifix

    The Maxi-Cosi RodiFix is designed with your growing child in mind. From 40-120 pounds, your child will be safe with the superior protection this booster seat provides. From the side impact protection on the headrest down to the washable seat pad, this is one of the best booster seats of the year. (Buy Buy Baby, $213)

  • best booster seat store n go backless booster

    The Store ‘n Go Backless Booster has made the list of the safest booster seats on the market by meeting or exceeding Federal and ASTM Safety Standards. This belt positioning booster seat gives just the right amount of lift for your child to ensure that they remain safely buckled in their seat. (Amazon, $40)

  • best booster seat nuna aace

    The Nuna AACE is one of the safest and best booster seats currently available. Equipped with the 3D Growth System this booster seat grows up and out, right along with your child. Belt positioner aids and colored belt path indicators minimize user error making it a top pick for the safest booster seats of 2018. (Nuna, $200)

  • best booster seat graco extend 2 fit

    The Graco Extend2Fit 3-in-1 has been extensively crash tested by Graco in order to meet or exceed all US standard FMVSS 213. From a rear facing seat to a booster seat the Extend2Fit 3-in-1 is a great choice for a booster seat that will stand the test of time. (Toys R Us, $250)

  • best booster seat elite ex

    The Safety 1st Elite 100 Air+ can be used as a rear-facing, front-facing, or booster seat, making it the only car seat you will ever need. This booster seat has been thoroughly tested and is ergonomically designed, making it a great safety choice for booster seats. (Target, $187)

  • best booster seat tranzition 3 in 1 harness

    This 3-in-1 Harness booster is engineered and crash-tested to meet or exceed all US safety standards, making it a top pick for the safest booster seats in 2018. This booster seat has all the protection that is necessary to keep your child safe every time you get in the car. (Graco Baby, $100)

  • best booster seat baby trend hybrid booster

    Whether you’re using this seat as a car seat with the five-point harness or as a booster seat this Baby Trend Hybrid 3-in-1 seat is one of the most versatile and safest booster seats out there. Not only is it safe, but extra features such as two built-in cup holders and the extra lightweight design make it one of the best booster seats of 2018. (Walmart, $67)

  • best booster seat cosco finale
    The Cosco Finale is a great choice for a booster seat if you’re looking for something that is lightweight and durable. Easy to move between cars, and made to stand the test of time, after purchasing the Cosco Finale you won’t need another car seat or booster seat! (Amazon, $60)
  • best booster seat evenflo maestro

    Although the Evenflo Maestro has all the safety and comfort you would expect of a product on this list, what makes it unique is that this booster seat is made for children up to 110 pounds. Designed and tested for ultimate safety, this booster seat can handle energy levels up to two times the federal crash test standard. (Walmart, $65)

  • best booster seat graco nautilus

    The Graco Nautilus comes complete with Safety Surround features that offer ultimate head protection for your child. Paired with the side-impact testing and EPS foam, it’s no wonder this is ranked as one of the safest booster seats. As an added bonus, it is super easy to convert this from a car seat to a high-back booster seat to a backless booster seat. (Target, $180)

  • best booster seat clek oobr

    What we love most about the Clek Oobr booster seat? First, that it’s built like a seat you would actually find in your car. The design allows for maximum protection for your child with the five structural safety elements. An added bonus, the fabric is Greenguard certified meaning that it will never stain, and it’s protected against moisture and odor-causing bacteria. Heading on a road trip soon? Parents rave about the maximum comfort this booster seat provides for their child. (Amazon, $265)

  • best booster seat diono radian

    The Diono Radian R120 provides the protection that your child needs but has so much more to offer than just that. Whether you choose to use this booster seat rear-facing or front-facing, you can count on the Diono Radian R120. Not only is this booster seat easy to transfer from vehicle to vehicle, but it also folds flat for easy travel and is approved on most airlines. (Diono, $267)

  • best booster seat graco milestone

    The Graco Milestone is a seat that grows from a rear-facing car seat to a front-facing booster. From 5-100 pounds, your child will stay safe and secure in this seat. This seat has been side-impact tested and crash tested to make sure it meets or exceeds all safety standards. The plush inserts keep your child comfortable, making this booster seat perfect to keep your mind at ease while providing comfort for your child. (Graco Baby, $250)

  • best booster seat aida scout

    The Aidia Scout booster seat is one of the newest and most innovative booster seats on the market right now. This booster seat has been federal crash tested and meets or exceeds all safety requirements so you don’t have to worry. The Aidia Scout booster seat also features a pre-installed shoulder belt clip to ensure your child’s seat belt fits correctly, a feature making this one of the best booster seats of 2018. (Aida, $25)