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4 Scary and Silly Books

  • If he can't get enough of skeletons, try...

    Skulduggery Pleasant
    By Derek Landy
    Ages 8 to 12
    A dead detective gets big laughs as he solves mysteries.

  • And if he's into monsters, offer...

    The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids
    By Debbie Dadey and Marcia Jones
    Ages 7 to 10
    A light series featuring vampires, ghosts, and goblins.

  • Or maybe this goofy read...

    The Zack Files
    By Dan Greenburg
    Ages 7 to 10
    Out-of-this-world fun in a series that spoofs horror books.

  • And if grown-ups are alien, give...

    Junie B. Jones
    By Barbara Park
    Ages 4 to 8
    This series offers a hilarious little girl's perspective on starting school and making friends.

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