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Sesame Street June 2009

  • Sunny Days

    Zoe loves to play outside on warm, breezy days. What toy is she playing with? Connect the dots to find out.

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  • Picnic Pals

    The Sesame Street friends are having a picnic. Use your finger and then a crayon to show Bert and Ernie the way there.

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  • Summer Treats

    Summer is full of fresh, delicious fruits and veggies. Juicy strawberries, ripe watermelons, and crunchy cucumbers are just a few of them. Rosita says, "Delicioso." That means "delicious" in Spanish. Color in the foods. What comes next in each yummy pattern?

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  • Out and About

    The Sesame friends are playing outside! Cookie Monster rides his scooter. Ernie teaches Bert how to skate. Elmo likes to play soccer. What do you like to do outside? Draw yourself playing with the Sesame Street friends.

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  • June 2009 Calendar

    You can find lots of summertime treats at the fruit stand! Which fruit is your favorite?

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