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Sesame Street November Coloring Pages

  • Get to the Feast

    Zoe is on her way to a Thanksgiving dinner. Use your finger or a crayon to help Zoe make her way to the Thanksgiving table. What foods will Zoe bring with her?

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  • Giving Thanks

    Who would you like to thank this year? Make a thank-you card to give to someone who deserves a great big thank you! Cut out this card. Draw a picture of your special person and decorate the rest of the card, too.

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  • A Turkey in the Hand

    Cookie Monster traced around his hand to make a turkey. It's for hanging up, not for eating! Look at Cookie Monster's turkey. You can make a turkey, too! Trace your hand in the space below or on another sheet of paper. Then, color your drawing.

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  • Growing Tall

    Big Bird is growing a garden for a Thanksgiving feast. Which thing does Big Bird need to help his vegetables grow?

    Circle the objects that Big Bird needs for his garden. Then, color in the picture. What do you need so you will grow big and strong?

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  • Photo Courtesy of Sesame Street

    November 2010

    Connect the dots to see what Cookie Monster is thankful for.

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