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St. Patrick’s Day Crafts and Recipes for Kids

  • Happy Clippings

    Conversation Clovers
    Kiddos will love displaying these clover crafts around the house. All you’ll need is some green construction paper, scissors, a glue stick and a printout of the rainbow-colored St. Patty’s Day phrases.

    Expand your knowledge about this holiday with St. Patrick's Day Fun Facts.

  • Pinterest user Shelly Buck
    Four-Print Clover
    Get out the finger paints! Fun for the kids now, and years down the road you’ll cherish this cute keepsake when those fingers aren’t quite as tiny.

    St. Patrick’s Day From Pinterest user Shelly Buck

  • Makezine

    Rainbow Pudding
    The only thing more fun than making this colorful St. Patty’s Day treat is eating it!

    Rainbow Pudding from Makezine

  • Spoonful

    Leprechaun Looking Glass
    Just one peek into this enchanted mirror will reveal the lucky leprechaun within.

    Try-on Leprechaun from Spoonful

  • Yesterday on Tuesday

    Lucky Gold
    Who says you need a leprechaun to find a pot of gold? With a little luck (and some gold spray paint) you can turn rocks into glittering golden nuggets. (Don’t you wish it was that easy to make real gold?)

    St. Pat’s Lucky Gold from Yesterday on Tuesday

  • Family Corner

    Shaggy Shamrocks
    The perfect craft to occupy those little fingers on a lazy March afternoon—have the kids crumple up bits of green tissue paper and glue them to a shamrock-shaped poster board.

    Puffy Shamrocks from Family Corner

  • Chic Fluff

    Leprechaun Breakfast
    Make this a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast tradition for your little leprechauns—all it takes is a box of Lucky Charms and a few drops of green food coloring mixed into a glass of milk.

    St. Patrick’s Day Tradition from Chic Fluff

  • Recipe by Photo

    Smiling Shamrock Cupcakes
    Could these cupcakes be any cuter? Use marbles to get the shamrock shape and add a smile with some sweet icing.

    Shamrock Cupcakes by Recipe by Photo

  • Recipe by Photo

    Lucky Clover Krispies Treats
    Easy to make and fun to eat, this is a great St. Patty’s Day treat to make with your kids.

    Shamrock Rice Krispies Treats from Recipe by Photo

  • The Seven Year Cottage

    St. Patty’s Day Mix
    Feel free to get creative with this yummy and festive on-the-go snack. Customize the ingredients to include whatever treats you find in the cupboard.

    Magically Delicious from The Seven Year Cottage

  • Sun Scholars

    Leprechaun Hats
    You’ll win the “Best Room Parent Award” with these imaginative leprechaun hats. Sugar cookies, a cupful of M&Ms and a plastic cup are all you’ll need to complete this sweet treat.

    Leprechaun Hat Treats from Sun Scholars

  • Moms Who Think

    Irish Potato Candy
    Indulge your sweet tooth with a St. Patrick’s Day favorite. Get the kiddos in on the action by having them help roll the mixture into a potato shape.

    Irish Potato Candy from Moms Who Think

  • Happy Hooligans

    Rainbow Water
    A little food coloring and some water sure go a long way—surprise your kids with rainbow water this St. Patty’s Day!

    Rainbow Ice Cubes from Happy Hooligans

  • VT Pinspiration

    Twisted Shamrocks
    This goodie almost too delicious to share. A few pretzels held together with a Hershey’s Kiss and an M&M top off this salty and sweet treat.

    Twisted Shamrocks from VT Pinspiration

  • Pinterest user Kathy Hannen

    Green Pasta
    Use food coloring, spinach or pesto sauce to give your family a very green St. Patrick’s Day dinner.

    Green Pasta from Pinterest user Kathy Hannen

  • Kaboose

    St. Patrick’s Day Word Find
    Irish, luck and shamrock are just a few of the festive words to be found in this St. Patrick’s Day puzzle, perfect for a classroom celebration.

    Easy St. Patrick’s Day Word Search from Kaboose

  • Spoonful

    Treasure Hunt
    Armed with clues and a little bit of luck, send your kids on a quest for St. Patrick’s Day treasure!

    St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt from Spoonful