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Amazing and Cheap Stocking Stuffers

  • Super Snow
    Give the gift of a white Christmas with magical snow that expands to more than 100 times its size and lasts for weeks by just adding water. 

    Instant Super Snow, available at

  • Tube Toys
    The imagination-driven push-along toys' eco-friendly packaging transforms into the toy itself. Kids will love assembling and decorating these mini mobiles. 

    Tube Toys, available at

  • Lawrence Hall of Science

    Place a fern, flower (or anything, really) on the sunprint paper and set it in the sun. After you rinse the paper in water, a beautiful image will appear, just like film development. Think of all the prints your budding artist can make!

    Sunprint Kit from

  • Melissa and Doug

    Doll Craft Kit
    Kids will love to DIY their own wooden ballerina, with pretty pencils, glittery paints and sparkly gems. This tiny dancer is two sided, so there's double the opportunity for creativity.

    Ballerina Toy Craft from


    Dr. Seuss's Amazing Alphabet Book
    Arguably the most important subject of all time (the ABCs) meets arguably the most important children's book author of all time (The Seuss Himself) for a little board book your kid will want to read over and over. Seuss' zany writing style makes the letters come to life, from Aunt Annie's Aligator to Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz and everything between.

    Dr. Seuss's ABC Amazing Alphabet from

  • Piggy Paint Nail Polish Sets
    These festive and fem hypo-allergenic polishes are non toxic, odorless and sure to please any little diva.

    Missle Toes Polish Set, available at


    Cupcake Bandages
    What's sweeter for a boo-boo than a kiss from mom? Maybe (just maybe) these dessert-inspired bandages.

    Cupcake Bandages from

  • Alex Toys

    Origami Squares
    Let your kids try their hand at the art of paper folding with this basic origami kit, which includes 18 sheets of colorful and foil origami squares, plus instructions for easy designs.

    Origami Squares from


    Changeable Silly Putty
    It's trueSilly Putty is still around and still as entertaining as ever. This kind changes colors with the warmth of your hands, so the fun will last even longer.

    Changeable Silly Putty from


    Temporary Tattoos
    Kids will love channeling their inner rebel with these fake tattoosjust make sure you take the Christmas family photo before they plaster their bodies with tats.

    Temporary Tattoos from


    Paper Dolls
    Paperdolls will never go out of style, and these cut-outs are perfect for fans of Madeline, our favorite little French troublemaker.

    Paper Dolls from


    LEGO Minifigures
    There are so many awesome LEGO Minifigures (we especially love the Vampire and Maraca Man!), we want them all. And at two bucks a pop, you can afford quite a few.

    LEGO Minifigures from


    Quick Milk Magic Straws
    Normally kids wouldn't go nuts over milk—or straws, for that matter—but we bet these magic straws will get them sipping. They're filled with flavor pellets that turn a regular glass of milk into a fun treat. (Especially convenient if Santa didn't finish his glass of milk.)



    My Little Pony
    Girls will be thrilled to find My Little Pony in her stocking. This set comes with a special animal friend, an accessory to tote their friend along and a brush.

    From Hasbro


    Rainbow Monkey Bandages
    Kids don't have to be injured to have fun sticking these monkey bandages all over their bodies, and they'll definitely make treating a boo-boo less of a drag.

  • EyeDoll Chatter Beauty Sets
    These scented mineral based make up sets are perefct for a tween's stocking

    American Eye Doll, available at


    Fake Tattoo Sleeve
    It doesn't have to be Halloween for kids to dress up! Kids can pretend to get inked up with this fun, fake tattoo sleeve. And won't Grandma be surprised?

    From Perpetual Kid