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The Best Swimwear and Water Toys for Kids

  • On Tayln, back: ruffled one-piece ($14.50;

    On Isabella: Okie Dokie suit with waist tie ($11.99; JCPenney stores). The Splash Dome Sprinkler ($14.99; kept 'em giggling.

  • On Alix: Okie Dokie skirted one-piece with butterfly appliques ($11.99; JCPenney stores). Carter's mod sunglasses ($8; for stores)

  • This page: On Alex: Carter's sunglasses ($8), rashguard with shark design ($25), shark-print trunks ($25). Go to for stores. Lagoon sneaker-style water shoe ($40;

  • Isabella dries off in her adorable petal-fringed Daisy Swim Cover-up ($20.99; after romping around the Ultimate Beach Ball Sprinkler ($14.99;

  • Jameson (left) and Alix at the helm of the Anchors Away Pirate Ship water table ($79.99;, which has plenty of moving, spinning, and squirting parts to keep kids enthralled. Jameson's raglan-style UPF 50 rashguard fits the high-seas theme ($19.75;

  • Jameson (back) and Ava didn't want to get out of the Intex Waterfall Play Center ($34.99; and Target stores), a dino-themed wet wonderland with a built-in slide that hooks up to a garden hose.

    On Jameson: Okie Dokie orange-and-navy sun shirt ($8.99; JCPenney stores) and pull-on shorts ($17; and GapKids stores).

    On Ava: retro-look suit with sweet alligator applique ($17.99;

  • On Ryan: Mossimo muscle tee ($6.99;, Nectar boardies ($38;, camo flip-flops ($14.50;, Nerf Super Soaker Shot Blast ($19.99;

    On Holly: polka-dot tankini ($38;, her own shoes, Sizzlin' Cool Dragonfly water gun ($17.99, set of two;

    On Hannah: Arizona suit ($17.99; JCPenney stores), polka-dot flip-flops ($8.50;, Nerf Super Soaker Rattler ($14.99;

    On Anthony: skateboard rashguard (also shown on this page, $14.99;, Arizona shark trunks ($11.99; JCPenney stores), Water Pop Launcher Blaster ($24.99, set of two;

    On Cameron: striped trunks ($14.50;, Water Pop Launcher Blaster.

    On Alayna: tankini ($32; for stores), sparkle flip-flops ($8.50;, Sizzlin¿ Cool Dragonfly water gun. Translucent Shark Beach Ball ($19;

  • On Alayna (bottom): JCPenney bikini ($29.99;

    On Hannah (top): Stella Cove maillot ($69; Beach towels: paisley ($9.99 each) and polka dot ($11.99 for set of two;; Hibiscus ($22;

  • On Hannah: Arizona suit ($17.99; JCPenney stores), flip-flops ($8.50;, Sizzlin' Cool Dragonfly water gun ($17.99, set of two;

    On Holly: tankini ($38;, her own shoes, Nerf Super Soaker Rattler ($14.99;

    On Alayna: tankini ($32; for stores), flip-flops ($8.50;, Sizzlin¿ Cool Dragonfly water gun.

  • On Cameron: trunks ($19.75; On Ryan: Mossimo trunks ($8;, flip-flops ($14.50;

    On Alayna: JCPenney bikini ($17.99;

    On Hannah: Stella Cove maillot ($69; Ultimate Beach Ball Sprinkler ($14.99;

  • From left: On Anthony: rashguard ($19.75;, trunks ($14.50;

    On Alayna: peace-sign tankini ($16.50;

    On Holly: Mary Jane top ($35;, board shorts ($16.50; On Hannah: Splash suit ($16.50; Banzai 3D Shark Bite Slide ($39.99;

  • From left: On Anthony: skateboard rashguard ($14.99;, Rasta Grom boardies ($38;

    On Ryan: Mossimo tie-dye trunks ($8;

    On Cameron: plaid skull trunks ($19.75; Translucent Shark Beach Ball ($19;

  • Larsen & Talbert

    two for one
    If you're not ready for a sandbox, check out the Sand and Water Fun Factory. Gears, gadgets, funnels, and wheels keep the party going. ($39.99,

  • bubblin' over
    What baby isn't fascinated by bubbles? Too bad they aren't able to blow them yet. Enter the My First Bubbles Bubble Maker. Your tot pulls the handle and out they fly. ($13;
  • Michael Larson

    hop-along kid
    A unique first ride-on, the Cheeky Chick is propelled by Fred Flinstone-style foot power. If folds up and has a carry handle for easy treks to the park. ($39.97,

  • Michael Larson

    crazy legs
    We think this smiling silly Octopus Sprinkler is as good as a pool any day! Adjust the water spouting from the tentacles and head from a light mist to a stronger flow, depending on how brave (and old) your babe and her pals are. ($59;

  • get a grip
    Thi toddler bike has three height adjustments to grow with your child. The Zoom Trike also comes with a handle-bar, so you can push your little one along when she poops out! ($100;
  • Air Hogs 2-in-1 Hyper Drift Drone Amazon

    Double Whammy

    The Air Hogs 2-in-1 Hyper Drift Drone can both race along the ground and fly through the sky at lightening speed. It includes a detachable drone, equipped with a turbo power source made for racing. Designed with a self-righting cage, this flier always lands upright and is ever-ready for lift off, even after a gnarly crash! Ages 8 and up.

    BUY IT:

    Air Hogs 2-in-1 Hyper Drift Drone ($19;



  • Flight of Fancy

    Low-tech and loads of fun, the Flying Bird goes 50 yards with the help of only a simple rubber band. And such vibrant colors and detailed design are unusual at this price. Ages 7 and up.

    BUY IT:

    Schylling Flying Bird ($10;


  • 3, 2, 1...

    He'll get to load up the side tube of the Blast Pad with a foam-topped missile, back up a few yards, and then take a running, flying leap onto the launching pad. The force of his weight sends air through the hose, pushing the missile skyward. It's so awesome. Ages 8 and up.

    BUY IT:

    Blast Pad ($20;

  • PowerUp 2.0 Electric Motor Paper Airplanes Conversion Kit Amazon

    Paper Machine

    The PowerUp 2.0 Electric Motor Paper Airplanes Conversion Kit will teach your kid to make next-level paper planes. PowerUp 2.0 motorizes a hand-made creation enough to power it for 30 seconds of flight with just a 20-second charge. This kit turns the hybrid object into a virtually unbreakable toy. The kit comes with a carbon fiber propeller shaft and durable propeller, as well as directions for building four different plane designs. For ages 8 and up.

    BUY IT:

    PowerUp 2.0 Electric Motor Paper Airplanes Conversion Kit ($17;

  • Syma S107G 3 Channel RC Radio Mini Alloy Remote Control Helicopter Amazon

    Spin Doctor

    Army games, safari adventurers, traffic and weather reporting — name it, and the Syma S107G 3 Channel RC Radio Mini Alloy Remote Control Helicopter can play along as it swooshes all over inside the house as well as the backyard. Compact in size, it's a cinch to steer and fly. Plus, this model is made with a high quality metal body frame that's built to endure dozens of crashes. Note: The S107G is recommended for kids over 14, but younger children can play in the company of adults.

    BUY IT:

    Syma S107G 3 Channel RC Radio Mini Alloy Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro ($33;


  • Sky's The Limit

    Every childhood should have a toy like a Stunt Sport Kite in it — a beauty to behold, with a brilliantly colored, stylish design. This vibrant version is so easy to assemble, your kid can do it herself (just attach the bar and the strings); it also weaves and bobs well in strong winds, so go ahead and bring it to a wide-open space. Available in two other models. Ages 8 and up.

    BUY IT:

    Stun Kite ($22;


  • Play It Forward

    The simple Monkey Business Sports SkyRockets are propelled with kid power, using a handheld elastic launcher. The colorful red-and-yellow foil rockets hook into the slinglike loop and then shoot upward for hundreds of feet, but land sorftly (they're made of foam). The set comes with a mid-range rocket and two long-range ones, for targets both near and far. Ages 8 and up.

    BUY IT:

    SkyRocket ($17;

  • Play to Grin

    Cheery swirls, sunbursts, and a smiley face decorate these Pocket Discs, handmade in Guatemala. The Classic disc is featherweight, making it (relatively!) safe for playroom tossing; the Sport one is heavier and will fly farther outdoors. Ages 5 and up.

    BUY IT:

    Pocket Discs ($10;