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The New-Mom Workout: Lower-Body Slimmers

  • Lower-Body Slimmers
    skip to my lou
    Stand behind your stroller (baby strapped inside) with hands on handlebars. Lunge forward with your right foot until right thigh is parallel to the ground; keep your knee over the ankle. Your left leg should be extended behind you and slightly bent. Then lunge forward with the left leg, pushing the stroller as you go. Complete three sets of 20 (10 per side).
  • Lower-Body Slimmers:
    hot cross buns
    Hold on to a wall or railing, then slightly lift your left foot and flex toes. Bend your right knee about 30 degrees, then lift up. Do three sets of ten on each side. For more challenge: Hold a five-pound weight in your free hand.
  • Lower-Body Slimmers
    itsy bitsy spider
    Put your little one in a stroller, high chair, or bouncy seat, and face her. Take a wide stance, toes pointing out. Inhale as you lower to a plie, keeping your back straight and your buttocks tucked; your knees should not extend past your toes. Hold while singing a verse of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" to your baby, doing the hand motions, too. Release. Repeat three to ficve times, resting for at least 15 to 20 seconds between. For more challenge: Hold a three- to five-pound weight in each hand and skip the hand motions!
  • Lower-Body Slimmers
    london bridge
    Lie flat on your back with your knees bent, feet on the ground. Arms remain at your sides. If your baby is a stable sitter, place her on your hips, facing you. Lift your hips up, then lower back down. Do three sets of ten. For more challenge: Start in the same position, but extend one leg up (put the baby on the floor for this one). Do three sets per leg.