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The New-Mom Workout: Upper-Body Shapers

  • Upper-Body Shapers
    over the moon
    Kneel holding a filled water bottle (or a soup can or weight) in each hand, arms down, palms facing forward, Sweep each arm out to the side and then overhead in wide circles. Do ten in one direction; reverse for ten. Repeat each set two more times.
  • Upper-Body Shapers
    dipsy do
    Find a sturdy railing, bench, or coffee table, Place hands on railing nex to hips fingers forward. Walk your feet out so your rear end lifts. Bend elbows to lower and lift your body. Aim for three sets of eight.
  • Upper-Body Shapers
    kiss the frog
    Lay or sit your baby on the floor. Get in a modified push-up position: knees on the floor, hands wider-than-shoulder-distance apart, placed near your baby's feet. Lower down toward your baby, blow a kiss, then press up. Do three sets of eight.
  • Upper-Body Shapers
    curly locks
    Hold weights, arms down, palms forward. Curl to 90 degrees, then release. Repeat seven times. Bend elbows to 90 degrees, curl to shoulders, lower to 90 degrees. Repeat seven times. Return hands to sides, curl to shoulders seven times. Do three sets each.
  • Upper-Body Shapers
    row, row, row your boat
    Hold filled water bottles or jumbo soup cans in each hand. Lie facedown with your arms extended to the sides, elbows slightly bend. Your gaze should fall about a foot in front of you. Lift your hands a few inches and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Lower hands back down, but do not let them touch the floor. Do three sets of ten.