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Wake-Up Makeup

  • by Stephanie Galluzzo

    Cover Circles
    These are the result of blood pooling under your eyes. Physicians Formula Circle Rx Circle Control Concealer ($9; drugstores) contains Haloxyl, which ups circulation and lessens zombie shadows to the tune of up to 90 percent, per the company's research. Use a flat brush to paint concealer over dark or red areas. Tap lightly to blend, and pat with a cosmetics sponge, which will remove excess so it doesn't settle into creases.

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  • Get Rid of Red
    Sweep a deep-blue mascara over your usual black one, and voila! The same results as a shot of Visine. Blue neutralizes redness, making bloodshot eyes look whiter. Try N.Y.C. New York Color Curling Mascara in Cobalt Blue ($3; drugstores). The texture is super-moist, so you can forget about clumping, and it washes off easily.

  • Highlight Your Assets
    A pearly highlighter makes it look like you slept an extra hour because of the way light plays on the opalescent finish. Apply right below the brow bone and in the inner corners of eyes, then use your finger to blend. Smashbox Eye Light Waterproof Eye Highlighter ($38; comes with a teeny brush for precise application and won't fade or crease. Or try Prestige Let Loose Shimmering Shadow Dust in Jump ($5; drugstores).

  • Slather Your Skin
    Fine lines show more on dry, sallow skin, so use an especially rich eye cream. Patricia Wexler M.D. Intensive 3-in-1 Eye Cream ($32.50; contains soy protein and amino acids, which not only hydrate but also lock in the moisture. Peptides plump up the delicate skin around your eyes, smoothing out fine lines and making the area seem firmer. Another goody: Jason Natural Red Elements Lifting Eye Creme ($23; Whole Foods stores).
  • De-Puff Eyes
    Lovely: Poofy little croissants under your eyes! Reach for Wei East Natural Beauty Perfector Eye Treatment ($35; weieast .com). The gel has soothing peppermint, plus Tibetan chrysanthemum, which helps release the undereye fluid that causes puffiness. The light-bending crystals make dark circles appear lighter. Or try this bag checker: Olay Regenerist Eye ($18; drugstores).

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