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What Counts as Cardio?

  • Veer

    Skipping rope

    It burns more calories per minute than just about any other type of aerobic exercise.

  • Alamy

    Running around the yard playing with the dog

    All that chasing really gets little heart rates up.

  • Veer

    Splashing and kicking in the kiddie pool

    Swimming helps build flexibility, endurance, and muscle strength (water adds 12 times more resistance than air).

  • Veer

    Jumping in a bouncy house

    Yes, it's super fun, but it's also good aerobic and resistance exercise that improves balance.

  • Veer

    Dancing in the living room

    Not as high-energy or high-impact as running, but it does get a kid's whole body moving.

  • Veer

    Riding a tricycle

    It gives legs a good strength- and endurance-building workout.

  • iStockphoto

    Digging for worms

    It really is exercise, thanks to all the squatting, standing, and arm work involved.