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Yummy Allergen-Free Snacks

  • If your family has to deal with dairy, nut or wheat allergies, these cookies, muffins and snacks are a perfect alternative.
  • Have Your Cake...
    Or, better, a cupcake that's moist, spongy, and gluten-free! (Katz in Vanilla, $4.09)

  • Brian Hagiwara

    Fair and Square
    We dig that these wheat-free cereal bars are healthy and portable. (Revolution Foods Jammy Sammy in Blueberries & Oatmeal, $3.99)

  • Chew on This
    These egg- and nut-free cookies taste good, and do good! Part of the profits goes to food-allergy research. (Home Free oatmeal cookies, $1.79)

  • Stick 'Em Up
    This new snack line, carried at Babies "R" Us nationwide, includes gluten-free toddler-friendly fruit fingers. (Plum Tots Fiddlesticks in Berry and Banana, $3.49)

  • Classic Cookie
    These heavenly rounds are made without milk, egg, or wheat. (Lucy's Mini Chocolate Chip cookies, $1.49)

  • Crocs that Rock
    Allergen-free wombat, koala, and croc crackers scuttled into our kid testers' mouths! (Orgran Outback Animals, $7.99 for eight)

  • Happy Trails
    Of all the dairy-free cookies out there, this one's chunky, homemade texture makes it the winner. It's like dumping a bag o' trail mix right in your kisser. (Uncle Eddies Vegan Trail Mix Cookies, $4.99)

  • Hey, Puddin'
    These cups are a sweet treasure for lactose-intolerant kids, and for moms who want to offer soy. They rival traditional pudding cups in flavor and texture, too. (ZenSoy in Chocolate/Vanilla Swirl, $3.69)

  • Treat Cheat
    Bars often have so many ingredients that it's hard to find a safe one for wheat-sensitive kids. This one's vegan, and it tastes almost like a candy bar. (Zing Bars, $2.50)

  • Crunch Time
    Caramel sticks to this no-dairy, no-nut popcorn like white on rice. It's addictively sweet and still crunchy. (Divvies Caramel Corn, $6)

  • "O" Yeah
    Pretzel rings get a toasty sesame-seed treatment instead of salt. Our testers with celiac disease were amazed that these babies are gluten-free. (Glutino Sesame Ring Pretzels, $5.99)

  • Some Like it Hot
    This gluten-free soup is a zesty fiesta, and a great microwavable 200-cal snack when he's not in the mood for anything sweet. (Dr. McDougall's Tortilla Soup, $2.06)