Actress Christine Lakin Shares Her Mom Must-Haves

by Bethany Braun-Silva

Actress Christine Lakin Shares Her Mom Must-Haves
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We tapped actress, Christine Lakin, to give us her must-have, can’t-live-without mom items that help make parenting and life easier!


Probably best known for her role as “Al” in the 90’s sit-com Step By Step, Christine Lakin has been a Hollywood mainstay since she was a child. Christine has also appeared in dozens of films and TV shows such as Modern FamilyStation 19, American HousewifeMothers Day, CSI, The League, Melissa and Joey, Valentines Day, Veronica Mars and You Again 


Christine lives in Los Angeles with her husband Brandon and their two children and chats about the nitty gritty of motherhood on the IG series Moms In Cars, that she co-created with Bachelorette alum DeAnna Pappas. Catch an EXCLUSIVE episode for Parenting here!


Check out some of Christine mom must-haves below!

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La Croix Sparkling Water


"La Croix has single handedly destroyed my summer soda fix. So many flavors and I find myself reaching for this now instead of something sugary with caffeine that just makes me crash an hour later. Plus, they aren’t bad to mixing into a happy hour cocktail… just saying!"

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DP Hue Hair Rinse


"I’m obsessed with their ACV rinse - it’s basically replaced my shampoo entirely. They also have a new blonding brush that’s like a classier version of Sun-in (remember that??) You twist, paint it on and go sit in the sun (or under a dryer) for a little summer pick me up! It’s like you’ve gone on vacation in your backyard."

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Alba Natural Sunscreen


"We get these by the two-pack. I love an all natural, sprayable sunscreen. We keep one by the backdoor and use it on Georgia every morning before school and one in the car for those spontaneous park dates or dog walks. With so much sun in California, I’m a nut about making sure we’re covered."

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Lancer Skin Care


"When I turned 40 (that's right) I decided I needed to get serious about my skin care routine. After baby 2, hormones and sleepless nights had me feeling a big haggard. If you don’t know Dr. Lancer, you should! I just read his book, "Younger," which breaks down the best skin care routines for healthy, glowing skin. While his products are expensive, he suggests middle and lower ends of the price scale as well, making the routine affordable. I’ve started this routine religiously and already notice a significant difference in the complexion and tone of my skin."

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Plae Shoes


"These are the perfect summer slip on shoe! My daughter loves them and can put them on and velcro them herself. They’re great for the park-they slip off easily for the sand boxes and they're breathable but with covered toes and durable soles for running. I love the styles I don’t have to tie (I hate tying shoes) and bonus- many of them are waterproof!"

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"I love coffee and I never remember to take my vitamins. VitaCup literally combines them both! I stick in a pod, get my morning brew, and a whole bunch of good for me supplements. Out the door- boom! From the everyday blends to the beauty blends with collagen, this is genius for those moms on the go."