10 Best Feeding Picks

by Jennifer Kelly Geddes

10 Best Feeding Picks

Whether you breastfeed, bottle-feed, or do a combination of the two, here’s what you’ll need to get started on her milky diet.

High tech

Dr. Brown’s bottles feature an internal vent system, which channels air from the nipple area to the back of the bottle, bypassing your babe’s tummy. They also come in both BPA-free plastic and glass. ($5,

Nipple soother

Nursing can do a number on your mom parts, but smart breast feeders everywhere swear by Lansinoh to protect and heal dry, cracked skin. La Leche League International even endorses it—and they know breasts better than anyone. ($9.99,

Worthy investment

Yes, it seems pricey, but if you’re committed to breast-feeding for many months then this is the pump for you. The Freestyle works hands-free, has a rechargeable battery (three hours of power!), and sports an LCD screen that lights up for late-night sessions. ($379.99,

Single wonder

Medela’s two-phase expression technology imitates the way a baby nurses at the breast: rapid sucking at first, to get the flow going, and then more slowly and deeply to express the milk efficiently. The Swing is compact, so it’s easy to use for travel or at work (just pop it in your purse) ($149.99,


Gentle nylon bristles and a built-in soap releaser means scrubbing your sweetie’s bottles just got a whole lot easier. The Munchkin bottle brush has a suction cup base so it dries upright, away from germs, and can be washed safely in the top rack of your dishwasher. ($6.99,

Royal treatment

Silicone is a safe, natural material that’s good for babies as well as the environment. The Prince Lionheart feeder boasts a one-way venting system that cuts down on air bubbles, reducing the chance of colic and reflux. ($9.99,

Easy as pie

You can feel good about this BPA- and phthalate-free feeding system from Playtex. Simply plop the strong, pre-sterilized liners in the bottle and watch them collapse as your tot drinks up; less air gets in, reducing gassy discomfort—you’ll both be glad ($3.49,

Fast action

A powerful, hospital-grade pump is key for working moms: speedy suction from both sides at once, soft massaging cups for comfort, and a stylish black microfiber tote bag. The Embrace also features a ‘closed system’, which protects your milk from bacteria and germs. ($199.99,

Personalize your pump

A single-sided breast pump is ideal for quick sessions (when your baby only takes one side, or you want to extract a little extra for the freezer). The electronic memory learns your own pumping rhythm and there are three power modes—manual, battery or main electricity. ($149.99,

More milk, less air

This AVENT bottle is made with a special Airflex valve that reduces the air inside, so less ends up in your babe’s tummy. It’s also perfect for combo feeders (breast and bottle) since its design lets your baby control the milk flow, just like she does when nursing. ($9.99,