5 Simple Ways to Make Your Nursery Eco-Friendly

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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Nursery Eco-Friendly

Organic art, paint, furniture, toys, floors, and bedding for your baby’s room

If you’re on the hunt for eco-friendly furniture, Oeuf’s collection oozes modern design ( Graco makes an equally stylish but more budget-conscious eco-crib called the Dakota Classic ($200;
Green Tip: It’s green to reuse and recycle, so look for new ways to use old pieces of furniture, like this antique-chair-turned-bookshelf… so shabby chic.

Cool sustainable art can add splashes of color and fun. Petit Collage has options made of renewable materials, such as vintage paper and sustainably harvested maple (from $15;
Green Tip: If you plan on painting and don’t want your baby breathing toxic fumes, use paint free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Freshaire Choice paint is a great option; both the paint and colorants are VOC-free ( Sherwin Williams’ Harmony brand is not only VOC-free but antimicrobial too, inhibiting the growth of mildew (

Wall-to-wall carpet can give off fumes, and harbor dust and allergens. The flokati rug is made out of undyed, sustainable wool and is easy to shake clean, reducing harmful dirt ($80;
Green Tip: Flooring made of natural linoleum or sustainably harvested wood, bamboo or cork has a low environmental impact and keeps the air healthier for you and your baby.

Toys made of nontoxic materials, like Rocking Raffy the Giraffe ($120;, are safer for kids and better for the environment.
Green Tip: Toys that are battery-free, composed of recycled and reclaimed plastic and wood, or made of organic cotton are all good green bets.

With all the time your baby will spend sleeping (you hope), her sensitive skin deserves the purity of natural and untreated fabrics such as organic cotton and wool. Brighten your space with bold-colored organic cotton bedding (sheets, $49;
Green Tip: When choosing fabrics, look for labels saying that natural, water or vegetable dyes were used.

Clean Green
Keep your eco-chic nursery green and chemical-free by eliminating harsh cleaning products and opting for milder, eco-friendly cleaners to clean everything (furniture, bedding, floors and even your baby). The assortment of products found in the Method Squeaky Green Baby Basket will get you started ($30;