9 Great Teething Toys

by Seth Dickinson

9 Great Teething Toys
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Let your baby test out his new chompers on these soothing, drool-ready toys


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Munch Mitt


To help your little one get through the uncomfortable teething stages, the Munch Mitt is here to help. This useful mitt easily straps on to baby’s wrist for a secure fit and is designed with a textured silicone that massages and relieves sore gums.

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Teething Egg


The Teething Egg is the perfect on-the-go companion to keep your baby occupied. Suitable for ages 3-12 months old, the curved egg design provides extensive coverage to help soothe baby’s tender gums, and also exceeds choking hazard dimensions so you don’t have to worry. Also included is a clip that can easily be attached to clothes or carrier for a close proximity without falling to the ground.

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Teething Starfish


You can never have too many mouth-friendly toys when your baby is cutting teeth. These silicone starfish come in three different colors and are constructed with 100% food grade silicone, so they are soft and safe against your baby’s gums. Simply clean with dish soap and hot water between uses.

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Teething Toes


Does your baby somehow always end up with his or her feet in their mouth? If so, you should definitely get Teething Toes. This two-in-one sock and toy combination helps relieve your baby’s gums when new teeth are emerging. Perfect for ages 3-18 months, this is one toy you’ll want to try.

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Teething Giraffe


Introduce your baby to Sophie la Girafe, the toy that will be a favorite during your baby’s first year. Made with 100% rubber that’s phthalate- and PVC-free, this toy is easy to grip and will help distract your baby from sore gums. Add this must-have toy to their collection.

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MAM Mini-Cooler Teether


The MAM Mini-Cooler Teether easily clips on to your baby’s clothing for an on the go toy you won’t have to worry about falling to the ground or losing. Specifically designed with a water filled interior to shape your baby’s gums for a relieving sensation. This teether is dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning.

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Chew Links


The ‘CB GO’ Silicone Chew Links come in a set of five different colors that can be linked together or left separate. These flexible rings are made with food-grade silicone and feel soft against the gums. Your little one will love chewing on these colorful links.

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Nuby Chewbies


What’s better than one teething toy? How about two. The Nuby Chewbies comes in a set of two made to comfort your baby’s sore gums. Made with a soft silicone for 3-month-olds and up, these chewy teething toys will soothe and calm your baby throughout the day.

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Teething Necklace


Does your baby play with your jewelry all the time? The Itzy Ritzy Teething Necklace is one you can wear without the worry of your baby putting it in his or her mouth—because that’s exactly what this necklace is made for. The neutral colors can go with almost any outfit, and the material is soft and safe against your teething baby’s gums.