100 Items for Your Baby Layette

by Kim Hays

100 Items for Your Baby Layette

Browse these 100 baby gear essentials when you’re shopping for your baby layette.


1. For your little one, it’s a rocker. For your bigger kid, it’s a wheeled ride-on. Wishbone Flip’s innovative design transforms in seconds! ($150;


2. The Buggy Shady lets you extend the canopies on your stroller and car seat to block UV rays and pesky bugs and provide naptime privacy. Best of all, it fits every stroller and car seat on the market. ($50;


3. Comotomo Natural Feel bottles are made of squeezable silicone, which reduces the air (read: gas) in baby’s tummy. ($17;


4. Fool your friends into thinking you splurged on a DSLR camera. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX9’s background de-focus gives you the look of a high-end lens at a fraction of the cost. ($170;


5. The mesh netting in the LifeNest Sleeping System helps prevent flat head and promotes airflow to keep baby from overheating. The polyurethane foam insert fits securely atop crib mattresses. ($150;


6. Mom-invented Undercover Mama attaches to the hooks on your nursing bra to create a nursing undershirt. When you lift your favorite top to nurse, your belly stays covered. ($25;


7. Be a quick-change artist with the QuickSmart Backpack Stroller. It’s the only one that folds to the size of an airplane carry-on. ($170;


8. Clean baby anywhere sans water with Bella B No Rinse Wash. (Moms can use it too for those days you just can’t make it into the shower!) ($10; specialty stores)


9 1TOUCH911 Call emergency services and have a map of your location right in front of you. ($1; iTunes)


10. More than just chop, steam, blend. The Kids Line Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Center warms bottles and heats purées too. ($100;


11. If emissions from laptops and cell phones make you nervous, shield your bump with blankets and shirts by Belly Armor. (starting at $60;


12. Skip Hop ditches the bumper but keeps the cute with new crib sheets that have contrasting side panels. ($24;


13. It may seem small, but modern moms who value style will love the Safety 1st safety locks for stainless-steel appliances. (coming this spring, starting at $5;


14 COZI FAMILY ORGANIZER finally gets family and caregivers on the same page. (free; iTunes)


15. Go all James Bond with the MobiCam Digital DXR Wireless Audio/Video Monitoring System. We’re talking high-res video screen, infrared night vision up to 40 feet, two-way communication and camera surveillance from your computer or smartphone. ($230;


16.’s Travel Bib keeps baby’s dinner mess out of your diaper bag. Just fold it and the spoon into the attached pouch, zip it and toss it in. ($16;


17. Feast your eyes on the new 4moms Origami stroller — the first stroller that folds and unfolds electronically (Transformers-style!) with the touch of a button. ($850;


18. What was that stroller Pink was pushing? Check to find out all the celebrity baby-style trends.


19. Turn any shower into a tub for tots up to age 4 with the foldable FlexiBath tub by Prince Lionheart. ($40;


20. Want a warm bottle anywhere? Microwave the reusable Yoomi bottle’s heating element before leaving home, and then push the button to release the heat for a warm bottle in just a minute. ($33;


21. Lollacup built a better sippy. The weighted straw keeps it in the liquid so kids sip effortlessly, even when they (inevitably) tilt the cup. ($18;


22. Graco’s latest incarnation of its Pack ‘n Play includes Cuddle Cove, a vibrating, rocking seat that pops out and moves from room to room without waking baby. ($200;


23. The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature DECT Digital Video Sensor Pad Monitor sounds an alarm if your baby stops breathing. Crystal-clear DECT technology ensures no-interference monitoring up to 1,000 feet. ($300;


24. Has the era of the old-school baby book ended? Make one on your iPad with The Story of You app. ($6; iTunes)


25. No more snaps! Magnificent Baby’s bodysuits and sleepers close in a flash with the magic of magnets. (A godsend for middle-of-the-night changings and plane trips.) (gift set, $60;


26. Boppy’s new SlideLine baby gyms surround your tot with perfectly placed toys and boast enough room for you to get down and play too. ($65;


27. Baby can’t seem to keep her socks on? Designed by a mom of five, Sock Ons slide over socks to keep them on baby’s feet. Now if we could find the ones the dryer ate. (starting at $8;


28. They’re the perfect books for babies who like to “read” with their mouths. Indestructibles are waterproof, tear-resistant and perfectly adorable. ($5;


29. Mom-invented Kicky Pants clothing is made entirely of bamboo, which gives each piece natural antibacterial, antifungal and anti-static properties. It can even help with diaper leaks — bamboo absorbs water three to four times better than cotton. (starting at $9;


30 BABY TIMER Perfect for Type A moms to track every diaper, nap and feeding. ($5; iTunes)


31. Bugaboo’s latest stroller, the Donkey, gives you the option of buying a single stroller that can convert to a double — or a single plus side shopping basket. (starting at $1,200;


32. Don’t feel left out at your baby shower. Break out the shaker and mix up some mocktails with the 50+ Most Popular Mocktails app. ($2; iTunes)


33. The Mutsy Grow-Up! booster seat is a stylish way to get your tot to the table. The deal-clincher: a five-point harness. ($60;


34 Abstract art?

Nope, but we love how the Jahgoo bath positioner gives form (and design!) the same value as function. ($15;


35. Mamas & Papas Magic line of bouncers, mobiles and play mats come to life with swapable digital cartridges that stimulate baby’s senses with music and lights — and even expose him to new languages. (starting at $160;


36. The BabyBjörn High Chair’s ultra-low profile sits at the same level as an adult chair for maximum eye contact and family interaction. ($290;


37 FOOT FAIRY Scan your tot’s tootsies with your iPad to see what shoe size she is now. ($2; iTunes)


38. Start saving! The CollegeSave app estimates costs and how much you need to save each month. You’ll also see how much interest you’re earning, whether you’ll face a shortfall and how to adjust your spending. ($1; iTunes)


39. Boon’s Pouch Rack conveniently stashes those ingenious baby-food pouches. ($30;{C}


40. Huggie bear is cute and cuddly, and once you safely heat him in the microwave, he helps calm baby with a warm lavender scent. ($22;


41. The Skip Hop Bento diaper bag keeps meals-on-the-go in sealed containers that nestle in an insulated compartment, leaving plenty of room for the rest of your essentials. ($99;


42. If your tot is one of the growing number with a gluten sensitivity, download the Is That Gluten Free? app. ($8; iTunes)


43. Capture baby’s milestones in gorgeous HD and then share them on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter from your Kodak PlaySport Zx5 video camera. This little dynamo is waterproof, shockproof and has a built-in stabilizer. ($180;


44 CAN I EAT IT? Expecting moms can get the lowdown on sushi, deli meats and more. ($2; iTunes)


45. Clip on the Fitbit Ultra activity tracker. It monitors how many calories you’ve burned and steps you’ve taken. It’ll also measure how long — and how well — you sleep each night. ($100;


46. Cloth or disposables? You can do both with gDiapers, which give parents the option of a washable, reusable cloth liner or disposable, flushable liner. (starter set $150;


47. Create a truly universal gift registry that goes beyond bibs and bouncy seats at, where the entire www is at your fingertips. Want pet-sitting or maid service? Add it. Freezer meal you’d like your friends to make? Add it.


48. Press a button and a digital screen on the Summer Infant Prodigy infant car seat guides you through installation. A smiley face says you’ve done it right — every time. Scan the tag to see a demo. ($180;


49. All that gear new moms haul in their SUV can become dangerous projectiles if not secured properly. Enter the Safety 1st Just-in-Case Storage Station. The box attaches in the cargo area of your SUV and has spots designed for baby essentials like diapers and wipes. ($35;


50. FOODUCATE Scan bar codes for grades (A through F) based on food’s nutritional benefits. (free; iTunes)


51. JJ Cole Collections’ new Broadway Stroller starts as a bassinet and converts to a forward- or rear-facing toddler seat. Customize your canopy with the color swap system. (stroller, $450, colored canopies, $30 each;


52. Get more life out of the Evenflo Convertible High Chair: It becomes a toddler chair and table, and the price couldn’t be more right. ($40;


53. OXO’s new wipes dispenser offers a simple solution to that age-old problem of getting a string of baby wipes when you want just one. ($20;


54. Need a diaper-changing station, nursing-friendly spot or eatery with highchairs stat? Find one with the SpeedyTot app. ($2; iTunes)


55. Make-your-own-baby-fooders will love the Béaba Babypote. Just add your own purées and let baby squeeze away. ($15;


56. Take a cloth-diaper test drive with the GroVia Curious About Cloth set. You get everything you need for about the price of a month’s worth of disposables. ($60;


57. The Kiinde Kozii warms breast milk in just seconds to the temp recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention without destroying the good stuff in it. ($70;


58. Baby will love the multitude of riding options of the Cybex u.Go wrap-style baby carrier. You’ll love how fashionable it looks. ($80;


59. Nestled inside animal-themed LittleLife Toddler Daysack is a detachable safety rein, a rain hoodie (the shark-style sports teeth!) and plenty of space for your tot’s objects of affection. ($40;


60. Score recipes for every fruit, veggie and protein known to man at the Wholesome Baby Food website, and learn how to introduce spices to baby’s petite palate. You’ll love the site’s super-simple interface! (


61. Toyota Prius V: This eco-friendly car has loads of cargo space. We love the tiny steps up to the second-row seats. (starting at $26,400;


62. Honda Odyssey Touring Elite: The Blind Spot Information System provides an extra pair of eyes on the road via digital cameras that monitor blind spots. (starting at $43,675;


63. Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen: If your keys are in your pocket or purse, the door will automatically unlock as you touch the door handle. (starting at $19,995;


64. Find the cheapest gas nearby with the Gas Buddy app. (free; iTunes)


65. Buzzy’s ice-cold wings and vibrating tummy help confuse baby’s nerves to dull pain when getting shots. The cute little bee is sold over the counter! ($40;


66. The Swedish Kids Symptom Checker app helps you pinpoint the problem, using pictures to make the task easier. Once you’ve ID’d what’s wrong, it indicates whether you need a doc or if you can treat at home. (free; iTunes)


67. Find baby gear that suits your personality by taking a compatibility test at The website picks the perfect stroller, car seat and crib for you, with more products coming soon.


68 CAR SEAT HELPER Pick the right car seat based on age, height and weight. (free; iTunes)


69. Stokke’s Bounce ‘n’ Sleep is a brilliant combination of bouncer and bassinet that work together or independently. Carrying handles on the bouncer mean you can move your newborn without waking her up. ($250;


70. Sassy’s new Grow Up Cup is a sippy sans spout or straw. Instead, your baby can drink from anywhere around the spillproof rim, which may help her transition to an open cup. (starting at $6;


71. The shape, color and even texture around the nipple of the Mimijumi bottles give baby a closer-to-breastfeeding experience. (starting at $16;


72. Record your baby’s cries to stimulate let-down when using the professional-grade Hygeia EnJoye LBI breast pump. It can be safely used by multiple moms using their own accessories and is recyclable, making it a smart choice for you and the environment. ($275;


73. The Cybex Aton infant car seat installs easily with or without a base. Can we get an “amen” from the big-city mamas? ($230;


74. Use Walgreens’ app to scan the barcode on your prescription bottle to order a refill. A text message lets you know it’s ready. You can also order photo prints right from your phone. (free; iTunes)


75. Béaba’s 360-degree spoon spins inside the handle so baby’s first bites end up in her mouth and not on the floor. ($10;


76. Confused by all the pregnancy apps out there? The best one we’ve found is the iPregnancy app, which lets you track your moods, weight gain and more. It even provides a countdown to the big day with weekly descriptions of your little bean’s in utero development. ($4; iTunes)


77 PUMP@WORK Track volume, your stockpile and how much to leave for a caregiver. ($2; iTunes)


78. Never smell nasty nappies thanks to the Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail by Munchkin. The secret is a baking-soda dispenser that naturally eliminates odors. ($25;


79. Bugaboo. Oeuf. Stokke. Bloom. Find gently used designer baby gear (or sell yours!) at{C}


80. The So-Ro Cradle was designed by an occupational therapist to mimic the way you’d rock baby in your arms — forward, as opposed to side to side like traditional cradles. Not to mention it’s totally gorgeous and there’s a version for twins. ($800;


81. B.O.B. Stroller Strides is like a gym on wheels. OK, maybe we’re exaggerating, but it does come with handy fitness bands and a guide to stroller exercises. ($470;


82. is like for the babysitting world. The website lists profiles of sitters in your area and lets you attend “mixers” for a speed-dating-type experience.


83. Babyhome’s Sweet Kit may look like a traditional highchair but it’s really a chair you can use from birth to age 3. The seat pops out to use like a bouncy chair and later flips so she can belly up to the table. ($300;


84 BABY’S HERE Send birth announcements right from the hospital. ($5; iTunes)


85. Freeze breast milk in thin, oblong 1-ounce servings using Milk Trays by Sensible Lines. At feeding time, pop them out like ice cubes and slide into the bottle for fast warming. ($22;


86. A drop of water is all you need to expand Green Sprouts Disposable Compressed Wipes from the size of a mint into a soft, natural baby wipe. (pack of 40; $11;


87. Boon’s newest line of mobiles shoot off the wall, so when baby’s outgrown the crib, he can still enjoy his mobile. Did we mention that they glow in the dark? ($37;


88. The Alma Mini Urban Crib by Bloom is a beautiful wonder! Designed (impeccably) for small spaces, it unfolds right from the box and is ready to use in just seconds. ($370;


89 BE NICE TO BUNNIES! See if your favorite products are animal-friendly. ($3; iTunes)


90. Breastfeeding but just want to enjoy a glass of wine? Milkscreen testing strips indicate when the alcohol has passed from breast milk so moms don’t have to automatically pump and dump. (20-pack, $25;


91. Finally, a stroller built for two that’s the size of a single. We love the super-stream-lined Mountain Buggy + One inline stroller. ($650;


92. The one-of-a-kind Safety 1st Comfort Zone convertible car seat has an electronic ventilation system that pushes air on baby’s back. ($300; available in spring at


93. bottles come with a compartment for dry formula. When baby’s hungry, simply push the powder into the water, shake and serve. (available in spring; $20,


94. QuickSmart’s Scramble Bug riding toy comes ready to roll with no assembly and folds flat so you can take it anywhere. ($50;


95. GRO Furniture offers heirloom-quality cribs from sustainable materials that assemble in two minutes. (Yes, you read that right!) More good news: They convert from crib to toddler bed to daybed to desk. (starting at $900;


96. Your Facebook friends will flip at your creative computer skills when you build themed slide shows (think birthdays, holidays, etc.) and set them all to music at


97. The Zen stroller from Bloom (pictured on p. 35) brings neon goodness to the baby set and gives mom a slim stroller that fits into the back of a Mini Cooper. ($800;


98 iTRIAGE Get current wait times at emergency rooms in selected cities. (free; iTunes)


99. Keep an eye on things at home with Vue Zone: tiny, easily installable cameras that stream video right to your smartphone. (starting at $150;


100. The clear acrylic crib trend we’ve seen at Nurseryworks looks great and gives baby a perfect view of his world. (Vetro crib, $3,500;