11 Best Baby Safety Products

by Jennifer Kelly Geddes

11 Best Baby Safety Products
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Better safe than sorry—your mom was right. Here are some must-have products to protect your baby and help keep her healthy


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Baby Safety Products Window Blind Cord Wrap



Cords from blinds that dangle near the crib can get caught around a baby’s arm or neck. The Safety 1st Wind-Ups literally bundle these long hazards away, keeping them out of baby’s reach. Consider these an essential baby safety product.

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Baby Safety Products Rectal Thermometer

Instant numbers


A rectal temperature is what the doctor will insist upon for a newborn, so don’t be without this brilliant thermometer from Vicks. It has a gentle, short probe and a backlight that makes it easy to read baby's temperature.

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Baby Safety Products Window Guard

No metal bars


You’ve got to thwart your little climber if he’s reaching for the windows, but the look of bars on them is so…criminal. Pick up these handsome ones made of mesh from Kidco and you’ll have baby safe windows plus a design that blends with your décor.

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Baby Safety Products Frog Cool Mist Humidifier

Clear the air


A congested tot is no laughing matter, so a humidifier — especially this adorable Frog Cool Mist Humidifier — is a good thing to keep on hand. It’ll give her some relief by adding moisture to the air and may ease coughs, sinus irritations and dry skin.

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Baby Safety Products Safety Gate

Easy access


Whether you’re carrying your precious bundle or just a huge basket of laundry, the last thing you want to do is bend down to open the safety gate. This genius Summer Infant Walk-Thru gate allows you to get through by stepping on the foot pedal and then nudging it with your knee. It's one of our favorite baby safety products, and one no home should be without.

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Baby Breathing

Better breathing


The best child safety products are those that keep your little one happy and healthy. A good aspirator will be your best friend, especially if you’re faced with a stuffy nose at 3 AM. The Graco NasalClear is battery operated so it’s stronger and faster than a manual one; it also plays 12 little tunes to distract your babe.

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Baby Safety Products Hearth Gate



Yikes—kids and fires do not mix! But, with a hearth gate from Kidco, you can rest easy and keep your toes toasty at the same time. Strong and heat-resistant, it mounts to fit a hearth up to 6 1/2-feet wide (additional sections can be purchased to protect a larger fireplace or woodstove).

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Baby Safety Products Plug Protectors

No more shocks


She’s on the move now, crawling faster than you can imagine, poking her fingers and toys where they don’t belong. It’s time for some nifty outlet covers from Safety 1st, which hide those electrical slots away from your curious tot.

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Baby Safety Products Stair Safety Gate

Stair care


If you have any stairs in your house, this Kidco gate is one of the best on the market. It’s made of sturdy steel, mounts quickly at the top of the staircase and can be opened with one hand. Your life just got a little easier, thanks to this baby safety product!

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Baby Safety Products Baby Monitor

I see you!


Can’t wait to take a peek at her, even when she’s sleeping? Now you can with this color video monitor from Infant Optics. You’ll get to hear each peep she makes and see her sweet face too, from several rooms away (up to 700 feet). This is another baby safety product to add to your must-have list.

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Safer chewing

Baby Teething


When those chicklets start to come in, she’ll want to gnaw on everything in sight. Pick up a set of these soft, phthalate-free Prince Lionheart Crib Rail Teethers — they slip easily onto any crib rail — and she can comfortably chew to her heart’s content.