Stuff We Love

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Stuff We Love

Check out these great finds that we just can’t live without

pack it in

Breastfeeding moms with summer travel plans will thank Gr8x for its ingenious Inflatable Nursing Pillow. Just twist the valve, and it flattens for packing. When you get to Grandma’s, it inflates with another twist. ($50;

easier spf

Rubbing sunscreen on your squirmy babe — and reapplying it later! — is enough to make you stay home. Banana Boat Baby’s Continuous Spray Sunblock will make a day at the beach exactly that. ($11; at mass retailers)

never miss a trick

Sony’s DCR-DVD 610 camcorder switches to a memory stick if you fill up the DVD. The backup buys you up to five more hours. ($350;

on the double

Babytalk contributing editor Christine Boyle, along with Cathleen Stahl, interviewed 300-plus moms of multiples, turning their best advice into Twin Set. ($14; at bookstores)

style to go

Skip Hop’s original, most popular bag is now larger and decked out in new prints. And, as always, the Duo Deluxe comes with a special strap that lets you safely attach it to a stroller. ($54;”target=”_blank”>

hands-down winner

There was never much you could do while pumping but pump. Now there’s the Freestyle, a hands-free breast pump with the same top-shelf perks as the famed Pump In Style Advanced. ($380;

shake, rattle, roll

In the mood to buy your baby a present for no reason? Don’t feel guilty if it’s one of the Alex Jr. rattles or balls. We can’t resist this unbearably cute collection either. ($8 – $35;

elfin magic

These precious elf dolls from Twig & Twill are made from certified-organic cotton and natural dyes. Baby-sized, they’re ideal for teethers to gnaw on. ($12 eac;

take me to the zoo

The Step2 Canopy Wagon carts a toddler (or two), bags, jackets, and even drinks. It’s a cinch to pull, and the tots are protected from sun and showers. For all-day outings with older babes, this beats the stroller every time. ($100;

eco-friendly update

Check out the new Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe. It’s made of bamboo — easier on the environment (and softer) than cotton. ($15;