The Best Baby Wrap Carriers for Comfy Closeness

by Bethany Braun-Silva

The Best Baby Wrap Carriers for Comfy Closeness

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During those first few months with your baby, there will be very few instances when they are out of your arms. Most babies love to be held, which is why we buy things like swaddles and cozy baby loungers so that they feel safe, secure, and comforted. The truth is, nothing beats being held by Mom or Dad, but you simply cannot hold your baby all day—not without a little help, that is. That’s where baby wrap carriers come in. 


What is a baby wrap carrier?


The name is pretty self-explanatory in that it’s a long piece of fabric that parents wrap around themselves to hold their baby. It’s a comfortable choice as you can position your baby in the front, side, or even back, and the wrap acts like a soft sling. Babies can nap and nurse, all from the comfort of their wrap.


Do you need a baby wrap carrier?


If you plan on babywearing, then yes! A baby wrap carrier is the best alternative for wearing your baby comfortably for hours on end. And because it makes it so easy for babes to breastfeed in the carrier, you might never need to put them down until bedtime. Also, it’s no secret how important skin-to-skin contact is for babies, especially premies. The wrap carrier makes it easy for babies to nuzzle up close for that important bonding time. 


But we warned, there is definitely a learning curve when it comes to perfecting the wrap. Start practicing before your baby arrives so that you can easily place them in the wrap carrier during those first few days at home. If you’re still stumped, check out this video tutorial that’s been viewed by nearly 98,000 people. 


Keep scrolling to see our picks for the best baby wrap carriers for parents.  


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Best Overall

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier


This wrap carrier is one of the most popular on the market. It is made from a stretchy, machine-washable fabric that is comfortable against both parents’ and babies’ skin. Your baby’s weight is evenly distributed, so parents won’t feel much discomfort. It also works as a shield for breastfeeding.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“My 2-month-old loves this wrap, and I take him everywhere in it

the grocery store, baseball games, around the house, etc. It’s helped so much during his fussy times

we cannot live without it.”

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Best for Tall Parents

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier


At 16.5-feet long, this wrap has plenty of room to accommodate your baby with fabric leftover for tall parents to wear comfortably. It can hold a baby up to 33lbs and is made from soft, breathable material.

“I love my Moby wrap carrier. I have an infant who was born early and loved to be held. I can’t sit holding him all day, so this is a great solution.”

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Best Hybrid Wrap

Infantino Together Pull-on Knit Carrier


This wrap is an excellent choice if you’re overwhelmed by the idea of a traditional baby wrap. It’s part traditional carrier, part baby wrap, and goes over the parent’s shoulders with adjustable clips to support your baby.

“The Infantino Together Pull-On Knit Carrier is my go-to product. It was perfect before my baby had head control because a flap can be used to safely secure a baby’s head.”

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Best Non-Traditional Wrap

Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier


Much like the Infantino wrap, this one by Baby K’tan makes wearing a wrap carrier an easy take. It comes pre-formed with a double loop design that parents slip over their head. Your baby can be placed in five different positions, and this carrier even works well for toddlers. It also comes in several stylish prints.

“I absolutely love this carrier! It’s super easy to put on and get the baby in! I also love that there’s a little pocket on the front.”

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Best Budget

Acrabros Baby Wrap Carrier


This affordable baby carrier is just over $20, but is made with high-quality fabric to keep you and your baby comfortable and supported. The breathable fabric works well year-round and allows parents =to hold their baby while keeping their hands free.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“This thing is so strong and so soft! (I tried it with my 5yo nephew first to test it out). With other wraps being $50-60, I can’t believe this cheaper version’s amazing quality.”