15 Cheap Birthday Gifts: 4 and Under

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15 Cheap Birthday Gifts: 4 and Under

A sneak peek into the coolest baby toys of 2009 — all $25 or less

For ages: 0+

Lubies are cute and squishy — cuddly plushies without the frills. No beans, no online components, just a lovable little friend that’s safe for newborns on up. With an $8.99 price tag, we’re cool with the simplicity.

(Rocketusa, $8.99)

For ages: 0+

This squeaking rattle is the perfect size for baby hands. Teach your baby to match her nose with the animal nose — and then watch at she smiles at the cutie in the mirror.

(SkipHop, $15)

For ages: 0+

Your babe will love to crinkle, bite and shake this little kitty, and you’ll love how it snaps right onto the stroller or car seat.

(Infantino, $14.99)

For ages: 3 mos+

Babies love to mimic Mom and Dad, and they’ll be ready to do a dead-on imitation with this realistic looking toy phone.

(Infantino, $5.99)

For ages: 6 mos+

Crawlers and walkers will love chasing after this baby scooter. The surfing frog vibrates across the floor to fun music, so if baby’s on the verge of scooting, it’ll give her something to reach for.

(Infantino, $10.99)

For ages: 6 mos.+

Alex’s First Pops and First Snaps are a two for one. They’re perfect for teething babies, and since they snap together, they’re way more engaging than your standard teether.

(Alex, $18)

For ages: 6 mos+

This duck has as much fun in the tub as your baby does. Wind its feet and it spins and splashes in the water; press a button and it gently sprays your baby.

(Chicco, $12.99)

For ages: 6 mos+

These colorful Tootin’ Tubmates bath buddies will stay afloat — until your baby dunks them. Bonus: they whistle too!

(Alex, $22.00)

For ages: 18 mos+

Kids can have their very own cake with lots of snap-on decorating options with the Cake Designer. The two-tiered dessert is pre-sliced into easy-to-handle pieces of chocolate, vanilla, lemon, and strawberry.

Step2, $14.99)

For ages: 2+

Babies and toddlers can fine-tune fine motor skills with this lacing toy, comprising big, easy-to-handle snack pieces. Extra chocolate on ours, please.

(Learning Resources, $8.50)

For ages: 2+

Shap ‘n Sort Cupcakes are cute, easy for little hands to grab, and fun to play with because kids can mix and match frosting tops, design, and cups. It even comes with a serving tray, so it’s ready for tea time.

(Infantino, $9.99)

For ages: 2-5

Toddlers might not have homework yet, but they do have stuff — a blankie, Cheerios, a can’t-leave-home-without-it-toy. These pint-size backpacks can hold their treasures. Each resembles a colorful animal: a dog with droopy ears, a pink mouse with little white paws, or this flappy penguin. They wipe clean, so no worrying about spills.

(Skip Hop)

For ages: 3+

The characters literally jump off the page with these board books from Sprig. Inside, sturdy cut-outs pop out and can be propped up with blocks (included), so kids can play along as you read. The books are made of 100% recycled material and the blocks are made of Sprigwood, a combination of recycled wood and reclaimed plastic that actually smells and looks like pine.

(Sprig, $14.99)

For ages: 3+

These bright monster targets suction to bathroom tiles and make great target practice for bath-squirters. With each bulls-eye comes a silly monster noise — so much fun they won’t notice you’re washing behind their ears.

(Alex, $22.00)

For ages: 3+

This beautiful, back-to-basics fire engine from Plan is perfect for little hands. The company only uses organic materials like rubber wood, water-based dyes and recycled materials — proof that going green doesn’t have to be pricey.

(Plan, $25.00)


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