Eco-Friendly Technicolor Toys

by Christina Vercelletto

Eco-Friendly Technicolor Toys

Go Green! With these eco-friendly toys

Bamboo E-Plane

Hape International Bamboo E-Plane, $25.00, avaialble at


Eco-Kids Eco-Dough, $24.00, available at

Giant Rainbow Stacker

Grimm’s Spiel and Holz Giant Rainbow Stacker, $78.00, available at 

Eco-Friendly Gourmet Chef Kitchen 

Hape International Eco-Friendly Gourmet Chef Kitchen, $130.00, avaiable at

Lamb Wooden Step Stool 

Lamb Wooden Step Stool, $90.00, available at

Maddy Micro Car

Maddy Micro Car with Magnetic, Interchangeable Wheels, $22.00, available at

Noah’s Ark 

Plan Toys Noah’s Ark, $41.00, available at

Knit Bird Rattle

Ukelele Knit Bird Rattle, $29.00, available at

Bedol Clock

Bedol Water Powered Clock, $29.00, available at

Name Banner

100% Reclaimed Wood Name Banner, $64.00, available at

Recycled Fish 

Fish Made Under Fair-Trade Practices, $23.00, available at

Hape Bamboo Pallina

Hape Bamboo Pallina Game of Strategy, $40.00, available at

Zolima Suitcase

Zolima Suitcase, $64.00, available at