Eco-Friendly Toys

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Eco-Friendly Toys

These toys make great gifts for your kids — and they’re a gift to the environment, too!

We like the classic style of Pastel’s simple shapes and calming colors, and we love the socially responsible philosophy that governs their production. These handsome toys are made from sustainable wood, finished with non-toxic paint, making them safe for the environment and your child. To top it all off, the toys are hand crafted by special need workers in Kishorit, an assisted living community for people with mental and physical disabilities in Israel. Everyone wins with a pastel toy: the environment, the artisans, and the lucky child who receives one!

Your baby will want to grab at Sassy’s new line of Earth Brights, which are all fashioned from quality hardwoods and textured fabrics that will crinkle in her hands. The durable, water-based finishes and cute designs give new meaning to the phrase “eye candy.” (Bonus: Even the packaging is from 100% recycled paper.)
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These Ragamuffin dolls really need some lovin’. Adopt one for your child ¿ she’ll love the adorable design, and you’ll love that it’s made from recycled wool sweaters. Each one is hand made and completely unique.

When rubber trees stop producing latex, they’re usually cut down and burned. Plan takes this rubber tree wood and turns them into toys. (They even use non-toxic water-based paints and natural latex glue.) Your child will love this dollhouse, with colorful furniture and removable partitions, window and doors.

Who knew good deeds could be so cute? Eco-artware toys come in ten adorable shapes. Some items, like the duck and rabbit, are made from recycled sweaters, while the wart hog and mermaid are knitted with home-bred and plant-dyed wool by a group of Kenyan artisans.

Like Plan, ImagiPLAY uses wood from rubber trees after the sap is used, instead of burning them. ImagiPLAY actually plants the rubber trees, making sure the trees grow close to the factory, to cut down on green house gases in shipping. And their fun wooden designs and shapes call for hours of imaginative play.

Green Babies, an organic cotton company, has recently opened a toy line: Earth to Kid. The toys are made in the USA, and are fashioned from sustainably managed hardwoods. We’re also fans of their beautiful blocks, whistles, and rattles.

The idea behind Maki Squarepatch is to give a second life to vintage fabrics by making toys, blankets, cushions, art, bags, and t-shirts from these previously loved materials. Recycling has never been so cute ¿ you won’t believe how huggable these plush toys are! Plus, each item is handmade and one of a kind.

Little hands will love grabbing for these tactile, hand-sewn cupcakes. What’s even better than the cute little treats (with removable wrappers) is what you’ll be supporting with your purchase ¿ proceeds go towards supporting literacy training, free healthcare, childbirth education for the Bangladeshi women who make them. These cupcakes are made of cotton and come with minimal packaging.

These toys can trace their origins back to the Andes, where women spin alpaca fiber into cute finger puppets. The animals are raised high in the mountains of Peru ¿ so the fibers are certified organic ¿ and purchasing these toys helps the artisans support their families.